What’s the best way to keep a burglar out of your gun safe?  By keeping him out of your house!

Stupid logic?  Not quite as stupid as leaving your key under a welcome mat or a garden gnome, but I guarantee that you have at least one neighbor who does it.

I saw my neighbor grab his key from under a mat to get into his back patio door a couple months ago.  I asked him why the heck he would keep it in such a predictable place.  He actually said that he figured it’s too predictable for a thief to bother checking.

Wrong, you blasted idiot!  And mow your lawn!

Just kidding – I like my neighbor, but he does need to mow his lawn.  He, and the rest of America, also need to quit hiding their keys outside in predictable places.  Not to mention, leaving it for someone to use every day, like a latchkey kid or a house sitter.  It’s just bad practice.

You can praise the safety record of your neighborhood all you want, but like it or not – from the projects to Beaver-Cleaverville – homes get cased, broken into, and invaded every day across the country.

Roklock Key SafeThat said, I understand the peace of mind you get from having a backup should you get locked out of your home.  Locksmiths can get very expensive, and the whole process is just an unnecessary inconvenience.  If you’re going to keep your key hidden outside, be smart about it.  Only access it for absolute emergencies, and keep in a secure, hidden location by employing a key safe like the RocLok.

The RocLok, to put it simply, is a key safe that resembles an actual rock.  It’s heavy, it’s extremely resilient, your key is stored in small compartment secured by a combination lock, and most importantly, it blends to your backyard, regardless of your landscaping…did I mention it actually looks like a rock?

Ryan Belshee, the company’s owner and inventor of the product isn’t fooling around – whether you’re looking for river rocks, basalt, lava, granite…you name it, they have something to make it blend.  If you’re going to leave an emergency key outside, look into a hidden key safe like the RocLok.

It’s price tag (~$60 at gunsafes.com) may seem a little steep, as many other rock-like diversion key safes are significantly less expensive.  The thing is, however, most of them don’t have locks, they look fake, and frankly, they’re cheap pieces of crap – someone just cutting through your yard may serendipitously decide to become a burglar when they find your house key lying on the ground after they stepped on and shattered that crappy knockoff you were using to hide it.  Far-fetched scenario?  Yes, but why screw around?

If you’re gonna hide your key, use it out of urgency, not convenience, and protect it with a quality key safe like the RocLok.

Stay safe!