Quick Access Gun Safe Guide: Arm Your Bedside, Cars, Walls and Cabinets!

ShotLock AR15 Solo Vault

I like to think that there’s a big enough dose of decency in most human beings for civility.  As evident by every newspaper ever written, however, there are plenty of exceptions; from drug-fueled burglaries to recreational rape and murder (i.e., home invasions), it’s pretty clear there’s a lot of human rubbish out there.

To those who put their faith in builder-grade deadbolts and slow police response times, I wish you the best.  To those of us who choose to arm ourselves and our homes for the worst case scenario, the safest plan is to keep our weapons bedside in a quick access gun safe.  It’s critical that you’re able to to arm yourself in seconds, but equally as important that you prevent unwanted access (from kids and irresponsible house guests).

So, how do you find the right safe for the job?  Read below to educate yourself with the information necessary to pick the best quick access gun safe for you.


I’m not going to plug a “size does matter” joke here…nope, it’s the high road for me.  I will, however, stress the obvious: you need to pick a safe that’s going to fit your gun(s).  The most common determinant of your safe size is going to be the length of the guns being stored.  To simplify your search, I’ve assembled a list of 900+ home defense firearms (ranging from high velocity bolt-action rifles to semi-automatic pocket guns, and everything in between).

First, find your gun in the table below (search for fastest results).  Note the length, then scroll down to the “Quick Access Gun Safe” table and find a safe that fits your dimensions and feature demands.

MakeModelGun DetailsLength (in)CaliberWeightCapacityClass
Alexander ArmsBeowulf"More on the Beowulf36.00 + or -.50 Beowulf6.17,10Semi-Auto Rifles
Alexander ArmsGrendel Ultra Light"More on the Grendel Ultra Light36.00 + or -6.5 Grendel5.254,10,26Semi-Auto Rifles
Alexander Arms5.56 NATO 20""More on the 5.56 NATO 20"375.56 NATO7.530Semi-Auto Rifles
Alexander ArmsGrendel Tactical"More on the Grendel Tactical36.00 + or -6.5 Grendel6.110Semi-Auto Rifles
American DerringerDA .38 Special"More on the DA .38 Special4.84.38 Spl/.40 S&W/O/U14.52Pocket Carry Handguns
American Spirit ArmsM4"More on the M436.19mm7.6132Semi-Auto Rifles
American Spirit Arms16" Side Charger"More on the 16" Side Charger38.5.3088.520Semi-Auto Rifles
American Spirit ArmsM4A3"More on the M4A336.55.56 NATO6.7530Semi-Auto Rifles
American TacticalGSG-522PK"More on the GSG-522PK15.28.22 LR/Seml-Auto81.1310Rimfire
American TacticalGSG-1911"More on the GSG-19118.6.22 LR/Semi-Auto3610Rimfire
American TacticalGSG-1911 Target Pistol"More on the GSG-1911 Target Pistol8.6.22 LR/Semi-Auto3610Rimfire
American TacticalGSG-522"More on the GSG-52218.6.22 LR/Semi-Auto94.3510,22Rimfire
American TacticalGSG-922 1911 Compact"More on the GSG-922 1911 Compact7.22 LR/Semi-Auto31.9210Rimfire
ArmaLiteAR-31"More on the AR-3135.5.30812.55,25Bolt-Action
ArmaLiteAR-10A Super S.A.S.S."More on the AR-10A Super S.A.S.S.35.70-39.007.62 NATO9.120Semi-Auto Rifles
ArmaLite15A4CB"More on the 15A4CB32.20-35.507.62x396.410Semi-Auto Rifles
ArmaLite10A4CF"More on the 10A4CF35.00-38.307.62 NATO7.810Semi-Auto Rifles
ArmaLiteM-15 Tactical"More on the M-15 Tactical30.90-35.305.56 NATO6.20-6.4030Semi-Auto Rifles
ArmaLite15SPR1CB"More on the 15SPR1CB32.00-35.005.56 NATO7.430Semi-Auto Rifles
ArmaLiteM-15A4 SPR Mod 1"More on the M-15A4 SPR Mod 132.70-36.005.56 NATO6.830Semi-Auto Rifles
ArmaLiteAR-30A1"More on the AR-30A148.01.300 WM/.338 Lapua15.35Bolt-Action
ArmaLiteAR-10A Target"More on the AR-10A Target39.67.62 Nato10.310Semi-Auto Rifles
ArmaLite10TCBNF"More on the 10TCBNF37.57.62 NATO8.610Semi-Auto Rifles
ArmaLite15A4C"More on the 15A4C32.20-35.506.8 SPC6.410Semi-Auto Rifles
ArmaLiteM-15 TBN"More on the M-15 TBN32.20-38.505.56 NATO7.930Semi-Auto Rifles
ArmtacRS-A2 (pistol grip)"More on the RS-A2 (pistol grip)39.51278Semi-Auto Shotguns
ArmtacRS-A1 Marine"More on the RS-A1 Marine40.5205.76Semi-Auto Shotguns
ArmtacRS-A1"More on the RS-A140.5126.48Semi-Auto Shotguns
Auto-OrdnanceT1 Thompson 1927A-1"More on the T1 Thompson 1927A-141.45 ACP1330Semi-Auto Rifles
Auto-OrdnanceMl AOM 150 Paratrooper"More on the Ml AOM 150 Paratrooper25.75 -35.75.30 Carbine5.610,30Semi-Auto Rifles
Auto-Ordnance1911TC Stainless/WWII US"More on the 1911TC Stainless/WWII US8.545 ACP Semt Auto397Concealed Carry Handguns
Auto-OrdnanceMl Carbine AOM 130 &140"More on the Ml Carbine AOM 130 &14035.75.30 Carbine5.610,30Semi-Auto Rifles
Auto-OrdnanceTA5 Thompson (pistol version)"More on the TA5 Thompson (pistol version)23.3.45 ACP5.1410Semi-Auto Rifles
BarrettMRAD"More on the MRAD49.3.308/.300 WM/.338 Lapua14.7210Bolt-Action
BarrettREC7 Gen 2"More on the REC7 Gen 233.356.8 SPC7.210,30Semi-Auto Rifles
BarrettREC7 Gen 2"More on the REC7 Gen 233.355.56 NATO7.210,30Semi-Auto Rifles
BenelliUltra Light"More on the Ultra Light47.512 (2.75" 3")6.12Semi-Auto Shotguns
BenelliM3 Convertible Pump/Auto"More on the M3 Convertible Pump/Auto45.612 (2.75",3")7.26Pump-Action Shotguns
BenelliR1 Rifle"More on the R1 Rifle44.1.30-067.24Semi-Auto Rifles
BenelliM4 Tactical"More on the M4 Tactical4012 (2.75" 3")7.85Semi-Auto Shotguns
BenelliNova Field Shotgun Compact"More on the Nova Field Shotgun Compact44.220 (2.75", 3")6.46Pump-Action Shotguns
BenelliSuper Nova Pump Shotgun"More on the Super Nova Pump Shotgun45.512 (2.75",3", 3.5")7.86Pump-Action Shotguns
BenelliNova Field Shotgun 24""More on the Nova Field Shotgun 24"45.520 (2.75", 3")6.56Pump-Action Shotguns
BenelliNova Tactical H20"More on the Nova Tactical H2039.75127.25Pump-Action Shotguns
BenelliEthos"More on the Ethos47.5126.55Semi-Auto Shotguns
BenelliM2 Tactical (pistol grip)"More on the M2 Tactical (pistol grip)39.7512 (2.75" 3")6.76Semi-Auto Shotguns
BenelliNova Tactical"More on the Nova Tactical39.7512 (2.75", 3", 3.5")7.25Pump-Action Shotguns
BenelliM2 Tactical"More on the M2 Tactical39.7512 (2.75" 3")6.76Semi-Auto Shotguns
BenelliMR1"More on the MR137.15.56 NATO7.95Semi-Auto Rifles
BenelliSuper Nova Tactical"More on the Super Nova Tactical4012(2.75",3", 3.5")7.25Pump-Action Shotguns
BerettaPx4 Type F Sub Compact"More on the Px4 Type F Sub Compact6JO9mm/.40 SAW/Semi-Auto26.113.1Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
BerettaPx4 Compact"More on the Px4 Compact6.89mm/.40 SAW/Semi Auto27.315.12Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
BerettaU22 Neos"More on the U22 Neos8.8.22 LR/Semi-Auto31.710Rimfire
Beretta1301 Competition 21" Extended"More on the 1301 Competition 21" Extended44.512 (2.75")7.188Semi-Auto Shotguns
Beretta92FS"More on the 92FS8.59mm. Semi Auto33.310 15Concealed Carry Handguns
BerettaM91A1"More on the M91A18.59mm. Semi Auto33.910. 15Concealed Carry Handguns
BerettaPX4 Full Si?e Type C"More on the PX4 Full Si?e Type C7.689mm,/ 40 SAW/Semi Auto27.317,14Concealed Carry Handguns
Beretta21 Bobcat"More on the 21 Bobcat5.22 LR/Semi-Auto11.58Rimfire
BerettaPX4 Type F"More on the PX4 Type F7.689mm/ 40 SAW/.45 ACP Semi Auto27.717. 14, 14Concealed Carry Handguns
BerettaM9A1 Compact Rail/lno*"More on the M9A1 Compact Rail/lno*7.759mm/Semi Auto31.610,13Concealed Carry Handguns
BerettaPico"More on the Pico5.1.380 ACP/Semi-Auto11.56Pocket Carry Handguns
BerettaNano"More on the Nano5.639mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto17.676,8Pocket Carry Handguns
BerettaPX4 Full Ske Type C"More on the PX4 Full Ske Type C7.6845 ACP/Semi-Auto28.210Concealed Carry Handguns
BerettaM9"More on the M98.59mm/Semi Auto33.310.15Concealed Carry Handguns
Beretta92A1 96A1"More on the 92A1 96A18.59mm/ 40 SAW Semi Auto3417,12Concealed Carry Handguns
BersaBP9cc"More on the BP9cc6.359mm/Semi Auto21.58Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
BersaThunder Pro Ultra Compact"More on the Thunder Pro Ultra Compact6.59mm/.40 SAW/Semi-Auto2313.1Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
BersaThunder Concealed Carry Handguns"More on the Thunder Concealed Carry Handguns6.380 ACP/Semi-Auto16.48Pocket Carry Handguns
BersaThunder Pro HC 9/40"More on the Thunder Pro HC 9/407.569mm/ 40 SAW/Semi-Auto30.717,13Concealed Carry Handguns
Black Rain OrdnanceBR0-PG11-18"More on the BR0-PG11-1835.55.56 NATO7.110,30Semi-Auto Rifles
Black Rain OrdnanceBRO-PG15-20"More on the BRO-PG15-20397.62 NATO8.320Semi-Auto Rifles
Black Rain OrdnanceBRO-PG3 16""More on the BRO-PG3 16"375.56 NATO7.2410,30Semi-Auto Rifles
Black Rain OrdnanceBRO-PG9 16”"More on the BRO-PG9 16”32.55.56 NATO6.710,30Semi-Auto Rifles
Black Rain OrdnanceBRO-PG15-18"More on the BRO-PG15-18377.62 NATO8.120Semi-Auto Rifles
BobergXR45-S"More on the XR45-S5.75.45 ACP/.45 Super/Semi-Auto21.56,7Pocket Carry Handguns
Bond ArmsBackup"More on the Backup5.5.45 ACP/O/U192Pocket Carry Handguns
Bravo CompanyEAG Tactical"More on the EAG Tactical36.00 + or -5.56 NATO6.2530Semi-Auto Rifles
Bravo CompanyA4 Rifle"More on the A4 Rifle36.00 + or -5.56 NATO7.7530Semi-Auto Rifles
Bravo CompanyM4 MOD 1 Carbine"More on the M4 MOD 1 Carbine36.00 + or -5.56 NATO6.7630Semi-Auto Rifles
BrowningHi Power Standard"More on the Hi Power Standard7.759mm/Semi Auto3213Concealed Carry Handguns
BrowningHi Power Standard"More on the Hi Power Standard7.7540 SAW/Semi-Auto3510Concealed Carry Handguns
BushmasterACR (Folding stock)"More on the ACR (Folding stock)335.56 NATO8.230Semi-Auto Rifles
Bushmaster308 ORC Enhanced/Bullet Button"More on the 308 ORC Enhanced/Bullet Button37.257.62 NATO7.7520Semi-Auto Rifles
Bushmaster300 AAC Blackout"More on the 300 AAC Blackout32.5300 AAC Blackout6.530Semi-Auto Rifles
BushmasterACR State Compliant"More on the ACR State Compliant355.56 NATO8.210Semi-Auto Rifles
BushmasterA-TACS Predator Rifle 20”"More on the A-TACS Predator Rifle 20”38.255.56 NATO85Semi-Auto Rifles
BushmasterDCM-XR Target"More on the DCM-XR Target38.55.56 NATO13.510Semi-Auto Rifles
Bushmaster308 Hunter Rifle"More on the 308 Hunter Rifle357.62 NATO8.25Semi-Auto Rifles
BushmasterACR Enhanced"More on the ACR Enhanced355.56 NATO8.230Semi-Auto Rifles
BushmasterXM-15 3-Gun Carbine 16""More on the XM-15 3-Gun Carbine 16"37.755.56 NATO7.7530Semi-Auto Rifles
BushmasterXM-15 Patrolman's AR Pistol 7”"More on the XM-15 Patrolman's AR Pistol 7”235.56mm/Semi-Auto83.230Home Defense Handguns
BushmasterXM-15 Enhanced 10.5""More on the XM-15 Enhanced 10.5"26.755.56mm/Semi-Auto8830Home Defense Handguns
BushmasterXM-15 Enhanced 7""More on the XM-15 Enhanced 7"23.55.56mm/Semi-Auto78.430Home Defense Handguns
BushmasterACR A-TACS (fixed stock)"More on the ACR A-TACS (fixed stock)335.56 NATO1t1 1 • •8.230Semi-Auto Rifles
BushmasterXM-15 M4"More on the XM-15 M432.55.56 NATO6.730Semi-Auto Rifles
BushmasterXM-15 6.8mm SPC"More on the XM-15 6.8mm SPC32.756.8mm Rem.6.5726Semi-Auto Rifles
BushmasterACR OMR (Magpul stock)"More on the ACR OMR (Magpul stock)335.56 NATO8.230Semi-Auto Rifles
BushmasterMOE A-TACS M4 Carbine"More on the MOE A-TACS M4 Carbine32.55.56 NATO6.4230Semi-Auto Rifles
BushmasterA-TACS Varminter 24”"More on the A-TACS Varminter 24”42.255.56 NATO8.165Semi-Auto Rifles
BushmasterACR Bullet Button ORC"More on the ACR Bullet Button ORC32.55.56 NATO6.4210Semi-Auto Rifles
BushmasterXM-15 Quad Rail M4-A3"More on the XM-15 Quad Rail M4-A3355.56 NATO8.230Semi-Auto Rifles
BushmasterCarbon 15 14.5""More on the Carbon 15 14.5"32.755.56 NATO5.830Semi-Auto Rifles
BushmasterXM-15 7.62x39 Carbine"More on the XM-15 7.62x39 Carbine32.757.62x396.526Semi-Auto Rifles
BushmasterCarbon 15 Superlight ORC"More on the Carbon 15 Superlight ORC32.55.56 NATO6.4210Semi-Auto Rifles
Bushmaster16” MOE 308 Enhanced ORC"More on the 16” MOE 308 Enhanced ORC347.62 NATO920Semi-Auto Rifles
Cabot Gun Co.South Paw"More on the South Paw8.5.45 ACP/Semi-Auto408Concealed Carry Handguns
Cabot Gun Co.RangeMaster"More on the RangeMaster8.545 ACP/Semi Auto408Concealed Carry Handguns
Charter ArmsUndercover Lite"More on the Undercover Lite6.5.38 Spl/Rev.125Pocket Carry Handguns
Charter ArmsPathfinder"More on the Pathfinder6.5.22 LR/.22 Mag./Rev.196Rimfire
Charter ArmsOff Duty DAO"More on the Off Duty DAO6.5.38 Spl/Rev.125Pocket Carry Handguns
ChiappaX-Caliber"More on the X-Caliber34.612/20/.410/.44/Combo5.82Misc Shotguns
Chiappa1887 Hard Chrome 22” full stock"More on the 1887 Hard Chrome 22” full stock38.8812/Lever Action7.76Misc Shotguns
Chiappa1887 18.5" Guard Gun pistol grip"More on the 1887 18.5" Guard Gun pistol grip28.612/Lever Action6.256Misc Shotguns
ChiappaRhino 40DS"More on the Rhino 40DS8.59mm/.40 SAW/.357 Rev.39.756Concealed Carry Handguns
ChiappaModel MC27"More on the Model MC277.259mm/Semi Auto28.815Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
ChiappaM9 (92FS) 4.3”"More on the M9 (92FS) 4.3”7.99mm/Semi Auto28.815Concealed Carry Handguns
ChiappaM9 (92FS) 5""More on the M9 (92FS) 5"8.59mm/Semi-Auto33.615Concealed Carry Handguns
Chiappa1892 Mare’s Leg 12""More on the 1892 Mare’s Leg 12"23.44-40/.45 Colt/Lever5.946Lever and Pump Action Rifles
ChiappaModel 1892 Take Down"More on the Model 1892 Take Down38.357 Mag/.44-40/.45 Colt/.44 Mag/Lever6.610Lever and Pump Action Rifles
ChiappaModel 1886 Kodiak Hard Chrome"More on the Model 1886 Kodiak Hard Chrome37.45-70/Lever7.84Lever and Pump Action Rifles
ChiappaTriple Threat 3-barrel"More on the Triple Threat 3-barrel35.512/Side-by-Side/O/U83Misc Shotguns
ChiappaC9-12 Ghost Ring Pistol Grip Stock"More on the C9-12 Ghost Ring Pistol Grip Stock42127.58Pump-Action Shotguns
ChiappaModel 1886 Rifle 26”"More on the Model 1886 Rifle 26”45.45-70/Lever98Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Chiappa1887 Guard Gun 22” full stock"More on the 1887 Guard Gun 22” full stock38.8812/Lever Action7.56Misc Shotguns
ChiappaOriginal Mare’s Leg 9”"More on the Original Mare’s Leg 9”21.357/.44 Mag/.45 Colt/Lever5.54Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Chiappa1887 18.5” T-Series"More on the 1887 18.5” T-Series28.612/Lever Action6.256Misc Shotguns
ChiappaC6-12 Pistol Grip"More on the C6-12 Pistol Grip311265Pump-Action Shotguns
ChiappaRhino 60DS"More on the Rhino 60DS10.59mm/.40 S&W/.357 Mag./Rev.336Home Defense Handguns
ChiappaRhino 50DS"More on the Rhino 50DS9.59mm/.40 S&W/.357 Mag./Rev.31.36Home Defense Handguns
ChiappaM9-22 Pistol"More on the M9-22 Pistol8.75.22 LR/Semi-Auto3310Rimfire
Chiappa1911-22 Compact"More on the 1911-22 Compact7.5.22 LR/Semi-Auto30.410Rimfire
Chiappa1911-45 Custom"More on the 1911-45 Custom8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto408Home Defense Handguns
Chiappa1911-22 5”"More on the 1911-22 5”8.8.22 LR/Semi-Auto33.2510Rimfire
ChiappaModel 1892 20""More on the Model 1892 20"38.357 Mag/,44-40/,45 Colt/,44 Mag/Lever6.610Lever and Pump Action Rifles
ChiappaModel 1886 Trapper 18.5”"More on the Model 1886 Trapper 18.5”37.45-70/Lever7.87Lever and Pump Action Rifles
ChiappaDouble Badger"More on the Double Badger36.410/.22 Mag/Over/Under5.52Misc Shotguns
ChiappaModel 1886 Carbine 22”"More on the Model 1886 Carbine 22”41.45-70/Lever97Lever and Pump Action Rifles
ChiappaRhino PolyLite 2-inch"More on the Rhino PolyLite 2-inch6.5.38 Spl/Rev.186Pocket Carry Handguns
Cimarron1883 Hammerless 18.5”"More on the 1883 Hammerless 18.5”N/A.41N/A2Misc Shotguns
Cimarron1889 Hammerless 20”"More on the 1889 Hammerless 20”N/A12N/A2Misc Shotguns
Cimarron1883 Hammerless Sidelock 20”"More on the 1883 Hammerless Sidelock 20”N/A12N/A2Misc Shotguns
ColtAR15A4"More on the AR15A439.55.56 NATO7.7130Semi-Auto Rifles
ColtSpecial Combat Gov’t"More on the Special Combat Gov’t8.5.38 Super/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto39.59,8Concealed Carry Handguns
ColtNew Agent"More on the New Agent6.75.45 ACP/Semi-Auto22.57Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
ColtXSE Series LW Commander"More on the XSE Series LW Commander7.75.45 ACP/Semi-Auto278Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
ColtM2012LT308G"More on the M2012LT308G44.3088.55,10Bolt-Action
ColtM2012SA308"More on the M2012SA30844.30813.25,10Bolt-Action
Colt1991 Commander"More on the 1991 Commander7.7545 ACP/Semi Auto32.57Concealed Carry Handguns
ColtCQBP"More on the CQBP8.5.45 ACP/Semi Auto407Concealed Carry Handguns
ColtMatch Target 6400R"More on the Match Target 6400R36.655.56 NATO6.919Semi-Auto Rifles
ColtXSE Commander"More on the XSE Commander7.75.45 ACP/Semi-Auto33.58Concealed Carry Handguns
ColtSeries 70 Government"More on the Series 70 Government8.5.45 ACP/Semi-Auto37.57Concealed Carry Handguns
ColtLE6940/6940P Series"More on the LE6940/6940P Series325.56 NATO6.69-7.2030Semi-Auto Rifles
ColtRail Gun"More on the Rail Gun8.5.45 ACP/Semi-Auto36.58Concealed Carry Handguns
ColtLE6920MP-B"More on the LE6920MP-B325.56 NATO6.5720Semi-Auto Rifles
ColtAR6721 16.1” Heavy"More on the AR6721 16.1” Heavy325.56 NATO6.7830Semi-Auto Rifles
ColtLE6920"More on the LE6920325.56 NATO6.2930Semi-Auto Rifles
ColtDefender"More on the Defender6.759mm/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto248.7Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
ColtMustang XSP"More on the Mustang XSP5.5.380 ACP/Semi-Auto11.86Pocket Carry Handguns
ColtLE901-16S"More on the LE901-16S34.247.62 NATO8.8120Semi-Auto Rifles
ColtMustang Pocketlite"More on the Mustang Pocketlite5.5.380 ACP/Semi-Auto12.56Pocket Carry Handguns
ColtAR6720"More on the AR6720325.56 NATO5.9830Semi-Auto Rifles
Colt (UmarexUSA)1911A1 Government"More on the 1911A1 Government8.6.22 LR/Semi-Auto3612Rimfire
Colt (UmarexUSA)1911A1 Rail Gun"More on the 1911A1 Rail Gun8.6.22 LR/Semi-Auto3612Rimfire
Colt (UmarexUSA)1911A1 Gold Cup"More on the 1911A1 Gold Cup8.6.22 LR/Semi-Auto3612Rimfire
Colt CompetitionCRB-16"More on the CRB-1633.25300 Blackout6.730Semi-Auto Rifles
Colt CompetitionTactical CRX-14.5RR Carbine"More on the Tactical CRX-14.5RR Carbine325.56 NATO6.5730Semi-Auto Rifles
Colt CompetitionPro CRP-18 Competition"More on the Pro CRP-18 Competition35.255.56 NATO7.2230Semi-Auto Rifles
Colt CompetitionCSR-1518 Light Sporting"More on the CSR-1518 Light Sporting34.755.56 NATO6.9830Semi-Auto Rifles
Colt CompetitionPro CRL-16 Competition"More on the Pro CRL-16 Competition35.3088.6720Semi-Auto Rifles
CZ750 Sniper"More on the 750 Sniper48.30811.910Bolt-Action
CZBobwhite"More on the Bobwhite44.512/28/Side-by-Side7.00/5.602Misc Shotguns
CZP-06"More on the P-067.2.40 SAW/Seml-Auto28.810Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
CZ550 Varmint Tacticool"More on the 550 Varmint Tacticool46.7.30810.764Bolt-Action
CZ527 Carbine"More on the 527 Carbine37.4.223/7.62x395.95Bolt-Action
CZHammer Coach Gun"More on the Hammer Coach Gun37.3812 (3”)/Side-by-Side6.72Misc Shotguns
CZHammer Classic"More on the Hammer Classic44.512 (3”)/Side-by-Side7.32Misc Shotguns
CZCZ 75 Tactical Sport"More on the CZ 75 Tactical Sport8.99mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto44.820,16Home Defense Handguns
CZCZ 75 Kadet"More on the CZ 75 Kadet8.1.22 LR/Semi-Auto38.410Rimfire
CZ550 Carbine Kevlar"More on the 550 Carbine Kevlar41.2.30-0675Bolt-Action
CZ712 Practical"More on the 712 PracticalAdj.128.19Semi-Auto Shotguns
CZ75B"More on the 75B8.19mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto35.216, 10Concealed Carry Handguns
CZHome Defense"More on the Home Defense381264Pump-Action Shotguns
CZ612 HC-P"More on the 612 HC-P39.5126.54Pump-Action Shotguns
CZ712 Utility"More on the 712 Utility391274Semi-Auto Shotguns
CZRedhead Reduced Length"More on the Redhead Reduced Length4020/Over/Under62Misc Shotguns
CZ527 FS"More on the 527 FS38.5.2236.15Bolt-Action
CZ97B"More on the 97B8.3.45 ACP/Semi-Auto4010Concealed Carry Handguns
CZ75 SP-01 Tactical"More on the 75 SP-01 Tactical8.29mm/.40 S&W/Semi/Auto38.416,12Concealed Carry Handguns
CZP-07"More on the P-077.29mm/.40 SAW/Semi-Auto27.212,15Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
CZ557 Carbine"More on the 557 Carbine41.5.308/.30-06/.2437.254Bolt-Action
CZ97BD"More on the 97BD8.4.45 ACP/Semi-Auto38.410Concealed Carry Handguns
CZUpland Ultralight 26”"More on the Upland Ultralight 26”44.512/0ver/Under62Misc Shotguns
CZ527 Ml American"More on the 527 Ml American40.4.2235.93Bolt-Action
CZ75 Compact SDP"More on the 75 Compact SDP7.29mm/fami-Auto28.4814Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
CZ75 D PCR Compact"More on the 75 D PCR Compact7.29mm/I ;mi-Auto27.214Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
CZP-01"More on the P-017.29mm/Semi-Auto2810.14Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
CZ75D SDP Compact De-Cocker"More on the 75D SDP Compact De-Cocker7.29mm/Semi-Auto3114Concealed Carry Handguns
CZ75 SP-01 Accu-Shadow"More on the 75 SP-01 Accu-Shadow8.159mm/Semi-Auto38.418Concealed Carry Handguns
CZ85 Combat"More on the 85 Combat8.19mm/Semi-Auto35.216Concealed Carry Handguns
CZCZ 75 TS Czechmate (IPSC)"More on the CZ 75 TS Czechmate (IPSC)10.59mm/Semi-Auto4820,26Home Defense Handguns
CZ550 Badlands"More on the 550 Badlands46.5.338 Lapua9.24Bolt-Action
CZCZ 2075 RAMI"More on the CZ 2075 RAMI6.729mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto24.37,10Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Dan WessonV-Bob"More on the V-Bob8.45 ACP/Semi-Auto35.28Concealed Carry Handguns
Dan WessonCCO"More on the CCO8.45 ACP/Semi-Auto257Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Dan WessonRZ-10"More on the RZ-108.75lOmm/Semi-Auto38.49Home Defense Handguns
Dan WessonGuardian"More on the Guardian8.75.38 Super/9mm/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto28.88,9Concealed Carry Handguns
Dan WessonValor"More on the Valor8.75.45 ACP/Semi-Auto388Home Defense Handguns
Dan WessonECO"More on the ECO7.59mm/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto247Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Dan WessonHeritage"More on the Heritage8.8.45 ACP/Semi-Auto38.48Home Defense Handguns
Daniel DefenseMK12"More on the MK1234.755.56 NATO7.4120Semi-Auto Rifles
Daniel DefenseDDM4 Carbine VI LW"More on the DDM4 Carbine VI LW32.255.56 NATO6.4530Semi-Auto Rifles
Daniel DefenseDDM4 Carbine V7-300"More on the DDM4 Carbine V7-30032.25300 Blackout6.930Semi-Auto Rifles
Daniel DefenseDDM4 Carbine V9"More on the DDM4 Carbine V932.255.56 NATO6.9530Semi-Auto Rifles
Daniel DefenseDDM4 Carbine V4"More on the DDM4 Carbine V432.255.56 NATO6.330Semi-Auto Rifles
Desert Eagle1911 Model C 4.33”"More on the 1911 Model C 4.33”7.87.45 ACP/Semi-Auto33.98Concealed Carry Handguns
Desert Eagle1911U"More on the 1911U6.85.45 ACP/Semi-Auto25.86Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
DiamondbackDB9FS"More on the DB9FS7.89mm/Semi-Auto21.515Home Defense Handguns
DiamondbackDB380"More on the DB3805.25.380 ACP/Semi-Auto8.86Pocket Carry Handguns
DiamondbackDB9"More on the DB95.69mm/Semi-Auto116Pocket Carry Handguns
DoubleStarCombat 1911"More on the Combat 19118.75.45 ACP/Semi-Auto398Home Defense Handguns
DPMSMini SASS"More on the Mini SASS38.55.56 NATO10.2530Semi-Auto Rifles
DPMSTPR (Tactical Precision Rifle)"More on the TPR (Tactical Precision Rifle)37.255.56 NATO7.7530Semi-Auto Rifles
DPMSSweet 16"More on the Sweet 1634.55.56 NATO7.7530Semi-Auto Rifles
DPMSSportical"More on the Sportical32.55.56 NATO6.330Semi-Auto Rifles
DPMSPanther Carbine 16"More on the Panther Carbine 1632.55.56 NATO7.130Semi-Auto Rifles
DPMSOracle ATACS"More on the Oracle ATACS32.55.56 NATO6.430Semi-Auto Rifles
DPMSSportical"More on the Sportical32.57.62 NATO8.319Semi-Auto Rifles
DPMSDivas Edition LBR"More on the Divas Edition LBR335.56 NATO7.2530Semi-Auto Rifles
DPMSA1 Ute 16"More on the A1 Ute 1632.55.56 NATO630Semi-Auto Rifles
DPMS3G2"More on the 3G237.55.56 NATO7.130Semi-Auto Rifles
DPMSCompact Hunter"More on the Compact Hunter337.62 NATO7.7519Semi-Auto Rifles
DPMSGll Recon"More on the Gll Recon387.62 NATO8.520Semi-Auto Rifles
DPMSGil Lite Hunter"More on the Gil Lite Hunter397.62 NATO7.7620Semi-Auto Rifles
DPMSGil AP4/GII MOE"More on the Gil AP4/GII MOE34257.62 NATO7.2520Semi-Auto Rifles
DPMS3G1"More on the 3G1355.56 NATO7.7530Semi-Auto Rifles
DPMSTAC2"More on the TAC234.255.56 NATO85030Semi-Auto Rifles
EAAWitness Compact"More on the Witness Compact7.39mm/10mm/.40 SAW/.45 ACP2413.12.8Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
EAAWitness Pavona"More on the Witness Pavona7.3.380/9mm/.40 SAW/Semi-Auto2413,13,9Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
EAAWindicator 4”"More on the Windicator 4”8.5.38 Spl./.357 Mag/Rev.306Concealed Carry Handguns
EAAWitness P-Carry"More on the Witness P-Carry7.59mm/.40/.45 ACP/lOmm/Semi-Auto2917,15,10Concealed Carry Handguns
EAAWindicator 2""More on the Windicator 2"7.38 Spl/.357 Mag/Rev.256Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
EAAWitness P Compact"More on the Witness P Compact7.39mm/10mm/.40 SAW/.45 ACP2513,12,8Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
EscortHome Defense AimGuard TacStock2"More on the Home Defense AimGuard TacStock23912 (3")6.85Pump-Action Shotguns
EscortAimGuard"More on the AimGuard3812 (3")6.255Pump-Action Shotguns
EscortSilver Synthetic 18”"More on the Silver Synthetic 18”34.512/0ver/Under72Misc Shotguns
EscortMarine Guard"More on the Marine Guard3812 (3")6.255Pump-Action Shotguns
FNH USASLP MK 1 Competition"More on the SLP MK 1 Competition4312 (2.75" 3")8.29,8Semi-Auto Shotguns
FNH USASLP MK 1 Tactical"More on the SLP MK 1 Tactical4312 (3”)7.97Semi-Auto Shotguns
FNH USABallista"More on the Ballista39.00/50.75.338 Lapua/,300 Win/,30815.18,10,15Bolt-Action
FNH USAPS90"More on the PS9028.235.7x28mm6.2830Semi-Auto Rifles
FNH USAFN Five-seveN"More on the FN Five-seveN8.25.7x28mm/Semi-Auto2320Concealed Carry Handguns
FNH USASLP Tactical"More on the SLP Tactical3912 (2.75" 3")7.47,6Semi-Auto Shotguns
FNH USATSR XP USA/XP"More on the TSR XP USA/XP40.2238.76Bolt-Action
FNH USASLP"More on the SLP38.7512 (2.75" 3")7.77,6Semi-Auto Shotguns
FNH USAFNX-40"More on the FNX-407.4.40 SAW/Semi-Auto24.414Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
FNH USASPR A3G"More on the SPR A3G44.30811.55Bolt-Action
FNH USASPR A5M XP"More on the SPR A5M XP39.50-40.75.30811.50-11.755Bolt-Action
FNH USAFS2000"More on the FS200029.255.56 NATO7.5810,30Semi-Auto Rifles
FNH USAFNX-45"More on the FNX-457.4.45 ACP/Semi-Auto33.215Concealed Carry Handguns
FNH USASCAR 16S"More on the SCAR 16S27.55.56 NATO7.2510,30Semi-Auto Rifles
FNH USAFNX-9"More on the FNX-97.49mm/Semi-Auto21.917Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
FNH USAFN 15 (AR platform)"More on the FN 15 (AR platform)31.95.56 NATO6.9330Semi-Auto Rifles
FNH USAFNAR Heavy"More on the FNAR Heavy41.257.62 NATO9.910,20Semi-Auto Rifles
FNH USAFNAR Standard"More on the FNAR Standard37.257.62 NATO8.210,20Semi-Auto Rifles
FNH USAFNX-45 Tactical"More on the FNX-45 Tactical7.9.45 ACP/Semi-Auto33.315Concealed Carry Handguns
FNH USASCAR 17S"More on the SCAR 17S28.57.62 NATO810,30Semi-Auto Rifles
FNH USASPR Al/Ala"More on the SPR Al/Ala44.00/40.00.30811.60/11.874Bolt-Action
FranchiInstinct"More on the Instinct44.2512/20/Over/Under5.30-7.502Misc Shotguns
Franklin ArmoryM4-M0E"More on the M4-M0E32.45.56 NATO6.510,20Semi-Auto Rifles
Franklin ArmoryV1/V2"More on the V1/V2425.56 NATO1110Semi-Auto Rifles
Glock24"More on the 249.56.40 S&W/Semi-Auto29.2215Home Defense Handguns
Glock23 Gen4"More on the 23 Gen47.28.40 SAW/Semi-Auto23.6513Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Glock29"More on the 296.96lOmm/Semi-Auto27.1810Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Glock27 Gen4"More on the 27 Gen46.41.40 S&W/Semi-Auto21.899Pocket Carry Handguns
Glock26 Gen4"More on the 26 Gen46.419mm/Semi-Auto21.7110Pocket Carry Handguns
Glock21 Gen4"More on the 21 Gen48.03.45 ACP/Semi-Auto29.313Concealed Carry Handguns
Glock22 Gen4"More on the 22 Gen47.95.40 S&W/Semi-Auto25.5917Concealed Carry Handguns
Glock36"More on the 366.96.45 ACP/Semi-Auto22.426Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Glock30S"More on the 30S6.96.45 ACP/Semi-Auto22.9510Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Glock33 Gen4"More on the 33 Gen46.41.357 SIG/Semi-Auto21.899Pocket Carry Handguns
Glock29 Gen4"More on the 29 Gen46.88lOmm/Semi-Auto26.8310Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Glock39"More on the 396.49.45 GAP/Semi-Auto24.186Pocket Carry Handguns
Glock38"More on the 387.36.45 GAP/Semi-Auto26.838Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Glock37 Gen4"More on the 37 Gen47.95.45 G.A.P./Semi-Auto28.9510Concealed Carry Handguns
Glock42"More on the 425.94.380 ACP/Semi-Auto13.766Pocket Carry Handguns
Glock20 SF"More on the 20 SF8.03lOmm/Semi-Auto30.7115Concealed Carry Handguns
Glock30 Gen4"More on the 30 Gen46.88.45 ACP/Semi-Auto26.310Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Glock41 Gen4"More on the 41 Gen48.9.45 ACP/Semi-Auto2713Home Defense Handguns
Glock20 Gen4"More on the 20 Gen48.03lOmm/Semi-Auto30.7115Concealed Carry Handguns
Glock31 Gen4"More on the 31 Gen47.95.357 Auto/Semi-Auto26.1215Concealed Carry Handguns
Glock35 Gen4"More on the 35 Gen48.74.40 S&W/Semi-Auto27.5315Home Defense Handguns
Glock32 Gen4"More on the 32 Gen47.28.357 SIG/Semi-Auto2410Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Glock19 Gen4"More on the 19 Gen47.289mm/Semi-Auto23.6515Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Glock17 Gen4"More on the 17 Gen47.959mm/Semi-Auto25.0617Concealed Carry Handguns
Glock34 Gen4"More on the 34 Gen48.749mm/Semi-Auto25.9517Home Defense Handguns
Glock30 SF"More on the 30 SF6.88.45 ACP/Semi-Auto26.310Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
HenryBig Boy"More on the Big Boy38.5.44 Mag/Lever8.6810Lever and Pump Action Rifles
HenryOriginal Henry Lever Action 24""More on the Original Henry Lever Action 24"43.44-40/Lever913Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Henry.45-70"More on the .45-7039.45-70/Lever7.084Lever and Pump Action Rifles
HenryBig Boy"More on the Big Boy38.5.357 Mag/Lever8.6810Lever and Pump Action Rifles
HenrySteel w/round bbl./Brass w/octagon"More on the Steel w/round bbl./Brass w/octagon39.99.30-30/Lever75Lever and Pump Action Rifles
High StandardVictor"More on the Victor8.5.22 LR/Semi-Auto44.9610Rimfire
High StandardAMT Backup"More on the AMT Backup5.75.45 ACP/Semi-Auto235Pocket Carry Handguns
HKUSP"More on the USP7.879mm/.40 SAW/ .45 ACP//Semi-Auto27.6815,13,12Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
HKMR762A1 LRP"More on the MR762A1 LRP36.57.62 NATO10.4210,20Semi-Auto Rifles
HKMR762A1"More on the MR762A135.947.62 NATO9.610,20Semi-Auto Rifles
HKMR556A1"More on the MR556A133.95.56 NATO8.610,30Semi-Auto Rifles
HKHK45 Compact Tactical"More on the HK45 Compact Tactical7.91.45 ACP/Semi-Auto29.128,10Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
HKVP9"More on the VP97.349mm/Semi-Auto25.5610,15Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
HKP30"More on the P306.999mm/Semi-Auto26.0815Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
HKP2000SK"More on the P2000SK6.419mm/.40 SAW/Semi-Auto22.49,10Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
HKP2000"More on the P200079mm/.40 SAW/Semi-Auto22.410,13Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
HKHK45 Compact"More on the HK45 Compact7.2.45 ACP/Semi-Auto28.4810Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
HKHK45 Tactical"More on the HK45 Tactical8.83.45 ACP/Semi-Auto31.510Home Defense Handguns
HowaHouge Ranchland Compact"More on the Houge Ranchland Compact40.25.2237.155Bolt-Action
HowaHouge Ranchland Compact"More on the Houge Ranchland Compact40.25.3087.174Bolt-Action
HowaTalon Snowking"More on the Talon Snowking42.38.223/.22-250/.3088.35,10Bolt-Action
HowaHouge Axiom Heavy Barrel Varminter"More on the Houge Axiom Heavy Barrel Varminter40.5.2238.55Bolt-Action
HowaHouge Axiom Heavy Barrel Varminter"More on the Houge Axiom Heavy Barrel Varminter40.5.3088.54Bolt-Action
Huldra ArmsMark IV 5.45x39 Carbine"More on the Mark IV 5.45x39 Carbine35.555.45x396.18730Semi-Auto Rifles
Huldra ArmsMark IV Tactical EVO"More on the Mark IV Tactical EVO34.335.56 NATO6.830Semi-Auto Rifles
Huldra ArmsMark IV Tactical Elite"More on the Mark IV Tactical Elite35.55.56 NATO7.230Semi-Auto Rifles
IACHAWK Defense Shotgun w/rail 18.5""More on the HAWK Defense Shotgun w/rail 18.5"38.512 (3”)9.365Pump-Action Shotguns
KahrCW45"More on the CW456.32.45 ACP/Semi-Auto20.56Pocket Carry Handguns
KahrCW9"More on the CW95.99mm/Semi-Auto17.77Pocket Carry Handguns
KahrT40"More on the T406.6.40 SAW/Semi-Auto29.17Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KahrCM9/CM40"More on the CM9/CM406.369mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto15.86.5Pocket Carry Handguns
KahrCW40"More on the CW406.36.40 S&W/Semi-Auto16.86Pocket Carry Handguns
KahrK40"More on the K406.1.40 SAW/Semi-Auto266Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KahrTP45"More on the TP456.57.45 ACP/Seml-Auto23.27Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KahrK9"More on the K969mm/Semi-Auto257Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KahrT9"More on the T96.59mm/Semi-Auto28.18Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KahrTP40"More on the TP406.5.40 SAW/Seml-Auto22.27Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KahrP380"More on the P3804.9.380 ACP/Semi-Auto9.976Pocket Carry Handguns
KahrTP9"More on the TP96.59mm/Semi-Auto20.48Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Kel TecRFB"More on the RFB24.77.62 NATO8.130Semi-Auto Rifles
Kel-TecPF-9"More on the PF-95.859mm/Semi-Auto12.77Pocket Carry Handguns
Kel-TecP-3AT"More on the P-3AT5.2.380 ACP/Semi-Auto8.36Pocket Carry Handguns
Kel-TecPLR-16"More on the PLR-1618.5.223 Rem./Semi-Auto51.210Home Defense Handguns
Kel-TecPMR-30"More on the PMR-307.9.22 Mag./Semi-Auto13.630Rimfire
Kel-TecM43 Bullpup"More on the M43 Bullpup26.25.56 NATO830Semi-Auto Rifles
Kel-TecSU-16C"More on the SU-16C35.55.56 NATO4.710,26Semi-Auto Rifles
Kel-TecKSG Bullpup/dual magazine"More on the KSG Bullpup/dual magazine26.1126.914Pump-Action Shotguns
Kel-TecSU-16A"More on the SU-16A37.45.56 NATO510,26Semi-Auto Rifles
Kel-TecSU-16B"More on the SU-16B24.95.56 NATO4.510,26Semi-Auto Rifles
Kel-TecSUB-2000"More on the SUB-200029.59mm/.40 S&W410Semi-Auto Rifles
Kel-TecP-11"More on the P-115.69mm/Semi-Auto1410Pocket Carry Handguns
Kel-TecSU-16 D9"More on the SU-16 D919.95.56 NATO3.730Semi-Auto Rifles
Kel-TecRDB Bullpup"More on the RDB Bullpup19.95.56 NATO730Semi-Auto Rifles
KimberMaster Carry Pro"More on the Master Carry Pro7.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto317Concealed Carry Handguns
Kimber84M Adirondack"More on the 84M Adirondack387mm-08/.3084.134Bolt-Action
KimberUltra TLE II (LG)"More on the Ultra TLE II (LG)6.8.45 ACP/Semi-Auto257Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KimberRaptor II"More on the Raptor II8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto388Home Defense Handguns
KimberTactical Custom II"More on the Tactical Custom II8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto317Home Defense Handguns
KimberStainless Raptor II"More on the Stainless Raptor II8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto388Home Defense Handguns
KimberTactical Entry II"More on the Tactical Entry II8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto407Home Defense Handguns
KimberGrand Raptor II"More on the Grand Raptor II8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto388Home Defense Handguns
KimberGold Match II"More on the Gold Match II8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto388Home Defense Handguns
Kimber8400 Advanced Tactical II"More on the 8400 Advanced Tactical II43.50/48.25.308/,300 Win10.10/11.405Bolt-Action
KimberGold Combat RL II"More on the Gold Combat RL II8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto398Home Defense Handguns
KimberGold Combat II"More on the Gold Combat II8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto388Home Defense Handguns
KimberEclipse Target II"More on the Eclipse Target II8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto388Home Defense Handguns
KimberEclipse Custom II"More on the Eclipse Custom II8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto388Home Defense Handguns
KimberCustom Crimson Carry II"More on the Custom Crimson Carry II8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto317Home Defense Handguns
KimberCustom CDP II"More on the Custom CDP II8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto317Home Defense Handguns
KimberSuper Carry Pro HD"More on the Super Carry Pro HD7.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto357Concealed Carry Handguns
KimberMicro CDP .380"More on the Micro CDP .3805.54.380 ACP/Semi-Auto13.46Pocket Carry Handguns
KimberCustom II"More on the Custom II7.7.38 Super/Semi-Auto387Concealed Carry Handguns
KimberCompact II"More on the Compact II7.7.38 Super/Semi-Auto367Concealed Carry Handguns
KimberStainless Pro TLE II (LG)"More on the Stainless Pro TLE II (LG)7.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto357Concealed Carry Handguns
KimberStainless Pro TLE II"More on the Stainless Pro TLE II7.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto358Concealed Carry Handguns
KimberStainless Pro Raptor II"More on the Stainless Pro Raptor II7.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto357Concealed Carry Handguns
KimberPro TLE II"More on the Pro TLE II7.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto358Concealed Carry Handguns
KimberPro Raptor II"More on the Pro Raptor II7.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto357Concealed Carry Handguns
KimberCompact Stainless II"More on the Compact Stainless II7.7.45 ACP/Seml-Auto277Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KimberPro Carry HD II"More on the Pro Carry HD II7.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto357Concealed Carry Handguns
KimberUltra Crimson Carry II"More on the Ultra Crimson Carry II6.8.45 ACP/Semi-Auto 1257Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KimberEclipse Ultra II"More on the Eclipse Ultra II6.8.45 ACP/Semi-Auto317Concealed Carry Handguns
KimberEclipse Pro II"More on the Eclipse Pro II7.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto357Concealed Carry Handguns
KimberClassic Carry Pro"More on the Classic Carry Pro7.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto358Concealed Carry Handguns
KimberMaster Carry Ultra"More on the Master Carry Ultra6.8.45 ACP/Semi-Auto257Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KimberUltra Raptor II"More on the Ultra Raptor II6.8.45 ACP/Semi-Auto257Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KimberUltra-*- CDP II"More on the Ultra-*- CDP II6.8.45 ACP/Semi-Auto277Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KimberUltra Carry II"More on the Ultra Carry II6.8.45 ACP/Semi-Auto257Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KimberUltra TLE II"More on the Ultra TLE II6.8.45 ACP/Semi-Auto257Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Kimber84L Mountain Ascent"More on the 84L Mountain Ascent43.75.280 Ack. lmp./.270/.30-065.54Bolt-Action
KimberTactical Ultra II"More on the Tactical Ultra II6.8.45 ACP/Semi-Auto257Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KimberTactical Pro II"More on the Tactical Pro II7.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto287Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KimberSuper Carry Ultra +"More on the Super Carry Ultra +6.8.45 ACP/Semi-Auto278Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KimberStainless Ultra TLE II (LG)"More on the Stainless Ultra TLE II (LG)6.8.45 ACP/Semi-Auto257Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KimberStainless Ultra TLE II"More on the Stainless Ultra TLE II6.8.45 ACP/Semi-Auto257Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KimberStainless Ultra Raptor II"More on the Stainless Ultra Raptor II6.8.45 ACP/Semi-Auto257Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Kimber8400 Advanced Tactical SOC"More on the 8400 Advanced Tactical SOC43.50/48.25.308/.300 Win11.60/12.005Bolt-Action
KimberPro Crimson Carry II"More on the Pro Crimson Carry II7.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto287Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Kimber84M Classic/Classic Select"More on the 84M Classic/Classic Select41.25.2235.136Bolt-Action
Kimber84M SVT"More on the 84M SVT37.5.2238.56Bolt-Action
Kimber8400 Patrol Tactical"More on the 8400 Patrol Tactical43.5.3088.125Bolt-Action
KimberTactical Custom HD II"More on the Tactical Custom HD II8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto397Home Defense Handguns
KimberSolo Carry DC"More on the Solo Carry DC5.59mm/Semi-Auto176Pocket Carry Handguns
KimberCustom Aegis II"More on the Custom Aegis II8.79mm/Semi-Auto319Home Defense Handguns
KimberPro Aegis II"More on the Pro Aegis II7.79mm/Semi-Auto288Concealed Carry Handguns
KimberUltra Aegis II"More on the Ultra Aegis II6.89mm/Semi-Auto258Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KimberSapphire Ultra II"More on the Sapphire Ultra II6.89mm/Semi-Auto258Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KimberPro Aegis II"More on the Pro Aegis II7.79mm/Semi-Auto288Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KimberStainless Ultra Carry II"More on the Stainless Ultra Carry II6.89mm/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto258,7Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KimberStainless Pro Carry II"More on the Stainless Pro Carry II7.79mm/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto289,7Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KimberPro Carry II"More on the Pro Carry II7.79mm/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto289,7Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
KlmberRimfire"More on the Rimfire8.7.22 LR/Semi-Auto2310Rimfire
LMTCQB MRP Defender"More on the CQB MRP Defender33/36.255.56 NATO7.4530Semi-Auto Rifles
LMTSharpshooter"More on the Sharpshooter34.757.62 NATO1020Semi-Auto Rifles
LSIAimGuard MP-S-/A TacStockl"More on the AimGuard MP-S-/A TacStockl39126.85Pump-Action Shotguns
LSIAimGuard MP-S-/ATacStock2"More on the AimGuard MP-S-/ATacStock239126.85Pump-Action Shotguns
LSI EscortAimGuard MP-S-/A TacStockl"More on the AimGuard MP-S-/A TacStockl39126.85Semi-Auto Shotguns
LSI EscortAimGuard MP-S-/A TacStock2"More on the AimGuard MP-S-/A TacStock239126.85Semi-Auto Shotguns
Magnum ResearchDesert Eagle Mk XIX"More on the Desert Eagle Mk XIX10.75.357 Mag./.44 Mag /.50 AE/Semi-Auto68.6-73.99,8,7Home Defense Handguns
Magnum ResearchBaby Desert Eagle II Compact"More on the Baby Desert Eagle II Compact7.259mm/Semi-Auto33.910, 12Concealed Carry Handguns
Magnum Research1911 Semi-Compact"More on the 1911 Semi-Compact7.87.45 ACP/Semi-Auto328Concealed Carry Handguns
Magnum ResearchMR9/MR40 Eagle"More on the MR9/MR40 Eagle7.639mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto. w • - . ‘ • • J I24.815,11Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Marlin1894C"More on the 1894C36.357 Mag/Lever69Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Marlin1894"More on the 189437.5.44 Mag/Lever6.510Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Marlin444XLR"More on the 444XLR40.5.444 Marlin/Lever7.55Lever and Pump Action Rifles
MarlinX7S"More on the X7S42.5,243/.270/7mm-08/.308/.30-066.54Bolt-Action
Marlin336W"More on the 336W38.25.30-30/Lever76Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Marlin1894 Cowboy"More on the 1894 Cowboy37.5.357/.44 Mag/.45 Colt/Lever6.510Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Marlin308MXLR"More on the 308MXLR42.5.308 Marlin Express/Lever75Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Marlin336BL"More on the 336BL37.30-30/Lever7.56Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Marlin336C"More on the 336C38.5.35 Rem/Lever76Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Marlin1894CSS"More on the 1894CSS36.357 Mag/Lever69Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Marlin1895 GBL Big Loop"More on the 1895 GBL Big Loop37.45-70/Lever76Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Marlin336SS"More on the 336SS38.5.30-30/Lever76Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Marlin1895 Cowboy"More on the 1895 Cowboy44.5.45-70/Lever89Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Marlin1894SS"More on the 1894SS37.5.44 Mag/Lever610Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Marlin1895XLR"More on the 1895XLR42.5.45-70/Lever7.54Lever and Pump Action Rifles
MarlinX7Y"More on the X7Y417mm-086.254Bolt-Action
MarlinX7VH"More on the X7VH46.223/.22-250/.3087.754Bolt-Action
MarlinX7"More on the X742.5.223/.243/7mm-08/.25-06/.30-066.54Bolt-Action
Marlin336XLR"More on the 336XLR42.5.30-30/Lever75Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Masterpiece ArmsMPA380"More on the MPA3804.37.380 ACP/Semi-Auto11.85Pocket Carry Handguns
MerkelRX Helix Explorer"More on the RX Helix Explorer42.1.222-.300 Win Mag6.393,5Bolt-Action
Metro ArmsMAC 1911 Bullseye"More on the MAC 1911 Bullseye9.88.45 ACP/Semi-Auto46.918Home Defense Handguns
Mossberg930 Field/Security Combo"More on the 930 Field/Security Combo39-48.5012 (3”)7.50-7.755Semi-Auto Shotguns
MossbergSA-20 Railed"More on the SA-20 Railed40.520 (3”)65Semi-Auto Shotguns
Mossberg590A1 Insight Tactical Forend"More on the 590A1 Insight Tactical Forend39.512 (3")6.756Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg590A1 Adjustable 9-Shot"More on the 590A1 Adjustable 9-Shot37.7512 (3")7.59Pump-Action Shotguns
MossbergMVP Series Thunder Ranch"More on the MVP Series Thunder Ranch37.5.2238.2511Bolt-Action
MossbergMVP Series Rex 18.5”"More on the MVP Series Rex 18.5”37.5.223710Bolt-Action
Mossberg590 Tactical 9-Shot"More on the 590 Tactical 9-Shot4112 (3")7.259Pump-Action Shotguns
MossbergATR Night Train"More on the ATR Night Train42.3088.55Bolt-Action
MossbergMVP Series 672"More on the MVP Series 67237.5.3088.511Bolt-Action
Mossberg500 FLEX Tactical Adjustable"More on the 500 FLEX Tactical Adjustable4120(3”)6.256Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg500 Cruiser 6-Shot"More on the 500 Cruiser 6-Shot39.5.410 (3")5.56Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg500 HS410 6-shot"More on the 500 HS410 6-shot37.25.410 (3”)5.56Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg590 FLEX Adjustable"More on the 590 FLEX Adjustable4112 (3")79Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg500 Thunder Ranch 18.5""More on the 500 Thunder Ranch 18.5"3112 (3")6.756Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg500 Tactical Light Forend"More on the 500 Tactical Light Forend3112 (3")5.756Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg500 Tactical Center Mass Laser 18.5""More on the 500 Tactical Center Mass Laser 18.5"4112 (3")78Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg500 Pistol Grip Center Mass Laser"More on the 500 Pistol Grip Center Mass Laser28.3412 (3")5.756Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg500 Magpul Series"More on the 500 Magpul Series3812 (3")76,8Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg500 JIC Mariner"More on the 500 JIC Mariner28.7512 (3")5.56Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg500 JIC Cruiser"More on the 500 JIC Cruiser28.7512 (3")5.56Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg500 FLEX Tactical Adjustable"More on the 500 FLEX Tactical Adjustable4112 (3")6.756Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg500 Cruiser"More on the 500 Cruiser30.2512 (3")5.756,8Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg88 Special Purpose"More on the 88 Special Purpose39.512 (3")6.256,8Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg930 SPX Tactical 5-Shot"More on the 930 SPX Tactical 5-Shot3912 (3")7.255Semi-Auto Shotguns
MossbergATR Short Action"More on the ATR Short Action42.308/.243 Win/7mm75Bolt-Action
Mossberg464 Pistol Grip/Straight Grip"More on the 464 Pistol Grip/Straight Grip38.5.30-30/Lever6.757Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Mossberg4x4"More on the 4x446.5,25-06/.270/.30-06/7mm/.3087.255Bolt-Action
MossbergMMR Hunter"More on the MMR Hunter395.56 NATO75Semi-Auto Rifles
MossbergMMR Tactical"More on the MMR Tactical36.55.56 NATO7.510,30Semi-Auto Rifles
MossbergSA-20 Railed Pistol Grip"More on the SA-20 Railed Pistol Grip39.520 (3”)5.755Semi-Auto Shotguns
Mossberg464 SPX"More on the 464 SPX34.30-30 Win/Lever76Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Mossberg500 FLEX Cruiser"More on the 500 FLEX Cruiser2820 (3")5.756Pump-Action Shotguns
MossbergMVP Series Patrol"More on the MVP Series Patrol35.25.223/.308711Bolt-Action
Mossberg464 SPX Carbine"More on the 464 SPX Carbine32.30-30 Win/Lever6.56Lever and Pump Action Rifles
MossbergATR Long Action"More on the ATR Long Action42.75.30-06/.270 Win75Bolt-Action
Mossberg590A1 SPX w/Bayonet"More on the 590A1 SPX w/Bayonet4112 (3")79Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg500 Tactical Tri-Rail"More on the 500 Tactical Tri-Rail38.6312 (3n)6.758Pump-Action Shotguns
MossbergMaverick HS12 18.5”"More on the Maverick HS12 18.5”36.512 (3”)/Over/Under6.252Misc Shotguns
MossbergMaverick Hunter 28”"More on the Maverick Hunter 28”4612 (3”)/0ver/Under72Misc Shotguns
Mossberg590A1 Tactical Tri-Rail"More on the 590A1 Tactical Tri-Rail36.1812 (3”)7.759Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg590A1 Mariner"More on the 590A1 Mariner4112 (3”)79Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg590 Tactical Light Forend"More on the 590 Tactical Light Forend4112 (3”)7.259Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg500 Tactical Adjustable"More on the 500 Tactical Adjustable36.1412 (3”)6.756Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg500 Persuader w/ Pistol Grip Kit"More on the 500 Persuader w/ Pistol Grip Kit30.2512 (3”)5.756,8Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg500 Persuader"More on the 500 Persuader39.512 (3”)76,8Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg500 JIC Patriot"More on the 500 JIC Patriotn/a12 (3”)5.56Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg500 JIC FLEX"More on the 500 JIC FLEXn/a12 (3”)5.56Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg500 FLEX Cruiser"More on the 500 FLEX Cruiser2812 (3”)6.256Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg500 FLEX Cruiser"More on the 500 FLEX Cruiser2812 (3”)6.256Pump-Action Shotguns
Mossberg930 SPX Pistol Grip"More on the 930 SPX Pistol Grip3812 (3”)7.758Semi-Auto Shotguns
Mossberg930 SPX 8-Shot"More on the 930 SPX 8-Shot3912 (3”)6.758Semi-Auto Shotguns
Mossberg930 Home Security"More on the 930 Home Security3912 (3”)7.55Semi-Auto Shotguns
MPA10T (Top Cocking)"More on the 10T (Top Cocking)8.45 ACP/Semi-Auto5030,10Home Defense Handguns
MPAMPA-R556"More on the MPA-R556335.56 NATO7.2510,30Semi-Auto Rifles
MPAMPAR 6.8"More on the MPAR 6.8336.8 SPC8.130Semi-Auto Rifles
MPA556 Pistol"More on the 556 Pistol16.55.56mm/Semi-Auto10030Home Defense Handguns
MPA10SST (Side Cocking)"More on the 10SST (Side Cocking)8.45 ACP/Semi-Auto5030,10Home Defense Handguns
MPA930SST (Side Cocking)"More on the 930SST (Side Cocking)89mm/Semi-Auto5030,10Home Defense Handguns
MPA930T/930TGR (Top Cocking)"More on the 930T/930TGR (Top Cocking)89mm/Semi-Auto5030,10Home Defense Handguns
MPA570SST (Side Cocking Tactical)"More on the 570SST (Side Cocking Tactical)11.255.7x28mm/Semi-Auto6120Home Defense Handguns
MPA57SST (Side Cocking)"More on the 57SST (Side Cocking)11.255.7x28mm/Semi-Auto6120Home Defense Handguns
MPA1SST"More on the 1SST33.45 ACP9.2510,30Semi-Auto Rifles
NighthawkT3/T3 Thin"More on the T3/T3 Thin7.759mm/.40 S&W/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto358,8,7Concealed Carry Handguns
NighthawkLady Hawk"More on the Lady Hawk7.759mm/Semi-Auto368Concealed Carry Handguns
NighthawkTalon 5""More on the Talon 5"8.6.45 ACP/Semi-Auto408Home Defense Handguns
NighthawkPredator III"More on the Predator III7.78.45 ACP/Semi-Auto38.18Concealed Carry Handguns
NighthawkDominator"More on the Dominator8.5.45 ACP/Semi-Auto408Concealed Carry Handguns
NighthawkTalon II 4.25""More on the Talon II 4.25"7.75.45 ACP/Semi-Auto368Concealed Carry Handguns
NighthawkEnforcer"More on the Enforcer8.6.45 ACP/Semi-Auto398Home Defense Handguns
NighthawkGlobal Response Pistol"More on the Global Response Pistol8.6.45 ACP/Semi-Auto398Home Defense Handguns
North American ArmsSidewinder"More on the Sidewinder5.22 Mag./Rev.6.755Rimfire
North American ArmsGuardian"More on the Guardian4.4.380 ACP/Semi-Auto18.726Pocket Carry Handguns
PARAExpert Carry"More on the Expert Carry7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto258Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
PARALDA Carry DAO"More on the LDA Carry DAO6.5.45 ACP/Semi-Auto306Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
PARAExecutive Carry"More on the Executive Carry6.5.45 ACP/Semi-Auto268Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
PARAElite/Elite Target/Elite Pro"More on the Elite/Elite Target/Elite Pro8.5.45 ACP/Semi-Auto408Concealed Carry Handguns
PARAExpert/Expert Commander"More on the Expert/Expert Commander8.5.45 ACP/Semi-Auto398Concealed Carry Handguns
PARAExpert 14.45/14.45 Stainless"More on the Expert 14.45/14.45 Stainless8.5.45 ACP/Semi-Auto3914Concealed Carry Handguns
PARALDA Officer 3.5" DAO"More on the LDA Officer 3.5" DAO7.1.45 ACP/Semi-Auto327Concealed Carry Handguns
PARAPro Comp 40"More on the Pro Comp 408.5.40 S&W/Semi-Auto4010,16Concealed Carry Handguns
PARAElite Carry"More on the Elite Carry6.5.45 ACP/Semi-Auto246Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
PARAElite LS Hunter 6”"More on the Elite LS Hunter 6”9.5lOmm/Semi-Auto419Home Defense Handguns
PARAWarthog Stainless"More on the Warthog Stainless6.5.45 ACP/Semi-Auto2410Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
PARAElite Officer 3.5”"More on the Elite Officer 3.5”7.145 ACP/Semi-Auto327Concealed Carry Handguns
PedersoliModel 86/71 Boarbuster"More on the Model 86/71 Boarbuster37.7.444 Marlin/Lever8.55Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Pedersoli“La Bohemienne”"More on the “La Bohemienne”45.7512/Side-by-Side7.052Misc Shotguns
Pedersoli“Wyatt Earp”"More on the “Wyatt Earp”37.7512/Side-by-Side7.052Misc Shotguns
PedersoliModel 86/71 Classic"More on the Model 86/71 Classic43.5.45-70/Lever8.55Lever and Pump Action Rifles
PedersoliModel 86/71 Wildbuster"More on the Model 86/71 Wildbuster43.5.45-70/Lever8.55Lever and Pump Action Rifles
PedersoliLightning Sporter Deluxe"More on the Lightning Sporter Deluxe40.7.357 Mag/Pump6.8310Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Rainier ArmsRUC"More on the RUC36.255.56 NATO6.110,30Semi-Auto Rifles
RemingtonModel 1100 Tac 4"More on the Model 1100 Tac 442.5127.758Semi-Auto Shotguns
RemingtonVersa Max Tactical"More on the Versa Max Tactical43.9127.758Semi-Auto Shotguns
RemingtonVersa Max Tactical 3-Gun"More on the Versa Max Tactical 3-Gun45.9127.7510Semi-Auto Shotguns
Remington870 ET Blackhawk SPEC OPS II"More on the 870 ET Blackhawk SPEC OPS IIAdjustable1277Pump-Action Shotguns
Remington870 Express Pistol Grip 18-1/2”"More on the 870 Express Pistol Grip 18-1/2”30127.257Pump-Action Shotguns
Remington870 Express Tactical"More on the 870 Express Tactical38.5127.57Pump-Action Shotguns
Remington870 Express Tactical A-TACS"More on the 870 Express Tactical A-TACS40.5127.57Pump-Action Shotguns
Remington870 Express Tactical Magpul FDE"More on the 870 Express Tactical Magpul FDE38.5127.57Pump-Action Shotguns
Remington887 Nitro"More on the 887 Nitro39126.887Pump-Action Shotguns
Remington700 BDL"More on the 700 BDL44.5,243/.270/7mm Rem Mag/.30-067.634Bolt-Action
Remington1911R1"More on the 1911R18.5.45 ACP/Semi-Auto38.57Concealed Carry Handguns
Remington700 SPS"More on the 700 SPS43.5.223/.30875,4Bolt-Action
Remington700 SPS Stainless"More on the 700 SPS Stainless43.5.223/.30875,4Bolt-Action
Remington700 VTR"More on the 700 VTR41.5.223/.3087.55,4Bolt-Action
Remington700 SPS Tactical"More on the 700 SPS Tactical39.5.223/.308/300 BLK7.55Bolt-Action
Remington750 Carbine"More on the 750 Carbine39.1.3087.255Semi-Auto Rifles
Remington700 Target Tactical"More on the 700 Target Tactical45.5.3089.54Bolt-Action
Remington700 Long Range"More on the 700 Long Range39.75.25-06/.300 Win Mag/.30-0695,4Bolt-Action
RemingtonR15"More on the R1540.25.30 Rem AR7.755Semi-Auto Rifles
RemingtonR-15 VTR Predator Carbine"More on the R-15 VTR Predator Carbine36.25.2236.755Semi-Auto Rifles
Remington783"More on the 78344.5.30-06/.270/.308/7mm7.54Bolt-Action
RemingtonR15"More on the R1536.25.450 Bushmaster7.75Semi-Auto Rifles
RemingtonR-25"More on the R-2539.1.308/.243 Win7.754Semi-Auto Rifles
Remington700 XCR Tactical Long Range"More on the 700 XCR Tactical Long Range45.75.308/.300 Win Mag/.338 Laupa Mag85,4Bolt-Action
Remington700 Tactical Chassis"More on the 700 Tactical Chassis48.308/.300 Win/.338 Laupa Mag12.254Bolt-Action
Remington7600"More on the 760042.5.308/Pump7.54Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Remington1911 R1 Commander Carry"More on the 1911 R1 Commander Carry8.5.45 ACP/Semi-Auto38.57Concealed Carry Handguns
Remington7600"More on the 760037.5.223/Pump75Lever and Pump Action Rifles
Remington11-87 Sportsman Super Mag"More on the 11-87 Sportsman Super Mag4812 (3-1/2”)8.254Semi-Auto Shotguns
Remington Custom ShopXM3 Tactical System"More on the XM3 Tactical System39.3088.254Bolt-Action
Remington Custom Shop40-XS Tactical"More on the 40-XS Tactical45.5.3089.54Bolt-Action
Rock Island Armory22TCM"More on the 22TCM8.5.22TCM/Semi-Auto3817Concealed Carry Handguns
Rock Island ArmoryTactical/Tactical II"More on the Tactical/Tactical II8.5.45 ACP/Semi-Auto388Concealed Carry Handguns
Rock River ArmsLAR-PDS Folding Stock"More on the LAR-PDS Folding Stock265.56 NATO7.430Semi-Auto Rifles
Rock River ArmsLAR-9"More on the LAR-9369mm7.130Semi-Auto Rifles
Rock River ArmsLAR-8 .308 Mid-Length"More on the LAR-8 .308 Mid-Length387.62 NATO8.120Semi-Auto Rifles
RossiRio Grande"More on the Rio Grande38.9.30-30/.410/Lever5.86Lever and Pump Action Rifles
RossiR46102"More on the R461026.62.357 Mag/Rev.245Pocket Carry Handguns
RossiCircuit Judge"More on the Circuit Judge35.6.410/28/Revolving Cylinder5.65Misc Shotguns
RossiRanch Hand"More on the Ranch Hand24.45 LC/.44 Mag/Lever46Lever and Pump Action Rifles
RossiRio Grande"More on the Rio Grande38.9.410/Lever Action5.85Misc Shotguns
RugerSP101"More on the SP1018.38 Spl./.357 Mag/Rev.275Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Ruger22/45 Lite"More on the 22/45 Lite9.5.22 LR/Semi-Auto2310Rimfire
Ruger22/45"More on the 22/459.5.22 LR/Semi-Auto3310Rimfire
RugerM77 Hawkeye Compact"More on the M77 Hawkeye Compact35.5.2236.255Bolt-Action
RugerM77 Hawkeye Tactical"More on the M77 Hawkeye Tactical40.2238.755Bolt-Action
RugerSR40c"More on the SR40c6.85.40 S&W/Semi-Auto23.415Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
RugerM14 Ranch Rifle Synthetic"More on the M14 Ranch Rifle Synthetic37.55 56 NATO6.755,20Semi-Auto Rifles
RugerMM Tactical Rifle 20CF"More on the MM Tactical Rifle 20CF345 56 NATO7.2520Semi-Auto Rifles
RugerM77 Hawkeye Predator"More on the M77 Hawkeye Predator42.2237.755Bolt-Action
RugerGP100 6""More on the GP100 6"11.5.357 Mag./Rev.456Home Defense Handguns
RugerGP100 4.2""More on the GP100 4.2"9.5.357 Mag./Rev.406Home Defense Handguns
RugerSP101 4.2""More on the SP101 4.2"9.12.357 Mag./Rev29.55Home Defense Handguns
RugerSR40/SR45"More on the SR40/SR458.40 S&W/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto30.1515,10Concealed Carry Handguns
RugerGP100 3""More on the GP100 3"8.5.357 Mag./Rev366Concealed Carry Handguns
RugerSR9"More on the SR97.559mm/Semi-Auto26.517Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
RugerSR9c"More on the SR9c6.859mm/Semi-Auto23.410Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
RugerMM Mini 14/20"More on the MM Mini 14/2038 005.58 NATO7 0020Semi-Auto Rifles
RugerM77 Hawkeye Compact"More on the M77 Hawkeye Compact35.56.8 SPC64Bolt-Action
RugerLCP"More on the LCP5.16.380 ACP/Semi-Auto9.46Pocket Carry Handguns
RugerSR-556"More on the SR-55634.55.56 NATO7.9430Semi-Auto Rifles
Ruger556 Collapsible"More on the 556 Collapsible315.56 NATO7.430Semi-Auto Rifles
Ruger556 CLA Collapsible"More on the 556 CLA Collapsible315.56 NATO7.1730Semi-Auto Rifles
RugerMk III 4""More on the Mk III 4"9.22 LR/Semi-Auto3510Rimfire
RugerSR-556 VT"More on the SR-556 VT38.255.56 NATO8.55Semi-Auto Rifles
RugerMini 14/5"More on the Mini 14/5385.56 NATO| 7.005,20Semi-Auto Rifles
RugerMM Ranch Rifle Hardwood"More on the MM Ranch Rifle Hardwood38005.56 NATO7 005,20Semi-Auto Rifles
RugerMM Tactical Black Synthetic"More on the MM Tactical Black Synthetic36.755.56 NATO6.7520Semi-Auto Rifles
RugerSuper Redhawk"More on the Super Redhawk13.44 Mag/.454 Casull/Rev.536Home Defense Handguns
RugerMM Target Rifle Thumb Hole"More on the MM Target Rifle Thumb Hole41.755.56 NATO9.55Semi-Auto Rifles
RugerLC9/LC380"More on the LC9/LC38069mm/.380/Semi-Auto17.17Pocket Carry Handguns
RugerSR-556E/556E Collapsible"More on the SR-556E/556E Collapsible34.5/32.755.56 NATO7.3610,30Semi-Auto Rifles
RugerGP100"More on the GP1009.5.327 Fed/.38 Spl./.357 Mag./Rev.407,6Home Defense Handguns
RugerLCR"More on the LCR6.5.22 LR/.22 Mag./Rev14.40/16.608,6Rimfire
RugerM77 Mk II Target"More on the M77 Mk II Target46.2239.754Bolt-Action
RugerRedhawk"More on the Redhawk13.44 Mag./.45 ACP/Rev.546Home Defense Handguns
RugerM77/44"More on the M77/4438.5.44 Mag5.254Bolt-Action
RugerM77 Mk II Target"More on the M77 Mk II Target46.3089.254Bolt-Action
RugerLCR 357"More on the LCR 3576.5.357 Mag/ Rev.17.15Pocket Carry Handguns
RugerMM Mini Thirty Rifle"More on the MM Mini Thirty Rifle37.57 62x39rnm6.755,20Semi-Auto Rifles
RugerM77-LGS"More on the M77-LGS38.308710Bolt-Action
RugerM77 Hawkeye All Weather"More on the M77 Hawkeye All Weather42.30874Bolt-Action
RugerSR-762"More on the SR-76234.757.62 NATO8.620Semi-Auto Rifles
RugerM77 Hawkeye Compact"More on the M77 Hawkeye Compact35.5.3085.754Bolt-Action
RugerLCR/LCRx"More on the LCR/LCRx6.5.38 Spl/Rev.13.55Pocket Carry Handguns
RugerM77 Hawkeye Tactical"More on the M77 Hawkeye Tactical40.3088.755Bolt-Action
RugerM77-GS (Gunsite Scout Rifle)"More on the M77-GS (Gunsite Scout Rifle)38.308710Bolt-Action
RugerAmerican Rifle"More on the American Rifle42.243/.270/.30-06/.3086.254Bolt-Action
RugerM77 Hawkeye All Weather"More on the M77 Hawkeye All Weather42.2237.254Bolt-Action
RugerSR22"More on the SR226.4.22LR/Semi-Auto17.510Rimfire
RugerMk III 6”"More on the Mk III 6”10.25.22 LR/Semi-Auto3710Rimfire
RugerSR1911"More on the SR19118.67.45 ACP/Semi-Auto398Home Defense Handguns
S&WClassics Model 29"More on the Classics Model 2912.44 Mag./Rev.48.56Home Defense Handguns
S&WM&P15PS"More on the M&P15PS355.56 NATO6.530Semi-Auto Rifles
S&WModel 60"More on the Model 607.5.357 Mag./Rev.24.56Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
S&WM&P15T"More on the M&P15T355.56 NATO6.8510,10Semi-Auto Rifles
S&WModel 48"More on the Model 489.25.22 Mag./Rev37.66Rimfire
S&WClassics Model 25"More on the Classics Model 2512.45 Long Colt/Rev.456Home Defense Handguns
S&W649"More on the 6496.56.357 Mag./Rev.235Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
S&WBodyguard w/laser"More on the Bodyguard w/laser6.6.38 Spl/Rev.14.35Pocket Carry Handguns
S&W642LS"More on the 642LS6.31.38 Spl/Rev.14.55Pocket Carry Handguns
S&WModel 625 JM"More on the Model 625 JM9.38.45 ACP/Rev.40.38Home Defense Handguns
S&WModel 625"More on the Model 62510.5.45 ACP/Rev.428Home Defense Handguns
S&WModel 325 Thunder Ranch"More on the Model 325 Thunder Ranch9.5.45 ACP/Rev.318Home Defense Handguns
S&WM&P 9"More on the M&P 97.639mm/Semi-Auto2417,10Concealed Carry Handguns
S&WM&H 45 compact"More on the M&H 45 compact7.55.4b ACK/semi-Auto26.28Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
S&WSD9VE"More on the SD9VE7.259mm/Semi-Auto22.716,10Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
S&WM&P 9 Compact"More on the M&P 9 Compact6.79mm/Semi-Auto21.712,10Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
S&WS&W 1911 Sub Compact"More on the S&W 1911 Sub Compact6.9.45 ACP/Semi-Auto26.57Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
S&WM&P 45"More on the M&P 458.05.45 ACP/Semi-Auto29.610Concealed Carry Handguns
S&WSW1911 Custom"More on the SW1911 Custom7.95.45 ACP/Semi-Auto29.68Concealed Carry Handguns
S&WSW1911"More on the SW19118.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto418Home Defense Handguns
S&W638 Airweight"More on the 638 Airweight6.31.38 Spl/Rev.15.15Pocket Carry Handguns
S&WM&P15TS"More on the M&P15TS355.56 NATO6.330Semi-Auto Rifles
S&WM&P15X"More on the M&P15X355.56 NATO6.530Semi-Auto Rifles
S&WModel 968"More on the Model 96810.59mm/Rev.34.98Home Defense Handguns
S&WModel 929"More on the Model 92912.259mm/Rev.44.27Home Defense Handguns
S&WMOE MIDFDE"More on the MOE MIDFDE375.56 NATO6 5430Semi-Auto Rifles
S&WSW1911 Custom"More on the SW1911 Custom8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto40.58Home Defense Handguns
S&WSW1911 "E” Series"More on the SW1911 "E” Series8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto39.88Home Defense Handguns
S&WSW1911TA"More on the SW1911TA8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto41.56Home Defense Handguns
S&W327"More on the 3277.357 Mag./Rev.21.48Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
S&W632 Carry Comp"More on the 632 Carry Comp7.5.327 Federal/Rev.24.56Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
S&WModel 351 C Hammerless"More on the Model 351 C Hammerless6.25.22 Mag./Rev.117Rimfire
S&WM&P15 VTAC II"More on the M&P15 VTAC II36.755.56 NATO6.530Semi-Auto Rifles
S&WPC 629"More on the PC 6297.62.44 Mag./Rev.39.66Concealed Carry Handguns
S&WM&P15 300 Whisper"More on the M&P15 300 Whisper35.300 Whisper6.3810Semi-Auto Rifles
S&WM&P10"More on the M&P1037.5040 907 62 NATO8.115,10,20Semi-Auto Rifles
S&WM&P15 0RC"More on the M&P15 0RC355.56 NATO6.2510Semi-Auto Rifles
S&WModel 686"More on the Model 6869.56.357 Mag./Rev.39.96Home Defense Handguns
S&WPC 627"More on the PC 6277.62.38 Spl./.357 Mag./Rev.37.68Concealed Carry Handguns
S&WM&P15PC"More on the M&P15PC38.55.56 NATO8.210Semi-Auto Rifles
S&WModel 43C Hammerless"More on the Model 43C Hammerless6.25.22 LR/Rev118Rimfire
S&WClassics Model 57"More on the Classics Model 5711.5.41 Mag./Rev.48.16Home Defense Handguns
S&WModel 63"More on the Model 637.25.22 LR/Rev268Rimfire
S&WModel 17 Masterpiece"More on the Model 17 Masterpiece11.25.22 LR/Rev.406Rimfire
S&WModel 317"More on the Model 3177.9.22 LR/Rev.12.58Rimfire
S&WModel 617"More on the Model 6179.13.22 LR/Rev.38.910Rimfire
S&WM&P Shield"More on the M&P Shield6.19mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto197,8,6Pocket Carry Handguns
S&WModel 686 Plus"More on the Model 686 Plus9.56.357 Mag./Rev.38.96Home Defense Handguns
S&WModel 627 V-Comp"More on the Model 627 V-Comp11.357 Mag./Rev.477Home Defense Handguns
S&WModel 627"More on the Model 6279.75.357 Mag./Rev.41.28Home Defense Handguns
S&WModel 327 TRR 8"More on the Model 327 TRR 810.5.357 Mag./Rev.35.36Home Defense Handguns
S&WM&P22"More on the M&P227.6.22 LR/Semi-Auto2412Rimfire
S&WSD40VE"More on the SD40VE7.25.40 S&W/Semi-Auto22.714,10Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
S&WM&P 40 Compact"More on the M&P 40 Compact6.7.40 S&W/Semi-Auto1 21.9010Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
S&WM&P15 Sport"More on the M&P15 Sport355 56 NATO6.530Semi-Auto Rifles
S&WModel 22A"More on the Model 22A9.5.22 LR/Semi-Auto34.410Rimfire
S&WModel 41"More on the Model 4110.5.22 LR/Semi-Auto4110Rimfire
S&WM&P R8"More on the M&P R810.5.357 Mag./Rev.36.28Home Defense Handguns
S&WClassics Model 586 6"More on the Classics Model 586 611.25.357 Mag./Rev.46.36Home Defense Handguns
S&WClassics Model 586 4"More on the Classics Model 586 49.25.357 Mag./Rev.40.96Home Defense Handguns
S&W686 Plus 3""More on the 686 Plus 3"8.18.357 Mag./Rev.36.87Concealed Carry Handguns
S&W686 7-Shot 2.5""More on the 686 7-Shot 2.5"7.5.357 Mag./Rev.34.17Concealed Carry Handguns
S&WBodyguard w/laser"More on the Bodyguard w/laser5.25.380 ACP/Semi-Auto12.56Pocket Carry Handguns
S&WM&P15M0E"More on the M&P15M0E375.56 NATO6.530Semi-Auto Rifles
S&WM&P 340"More on the M&P 3406-31.357 Mag./Rev.13.35Pocket Carry Handguns
S&W686"More on the 6869.56.357 Mag./Rev.39.76Concealed Carry Handguns
S&WModel 67"More on the Model 678.8.38 Spl +P/Rev.366Home Defense Handguns
SavageAxis II Xp"More on the Axis II Xp43.87.223/.30-06/.3086.054Bolt-Action
Savage11/111 Lightweight Hunter"More on the 11/111 Lightweight Hunter40.5.30-06 /.270 Win64Bolt-Action
Savage10/110 BA"More on the 10/110 BA45.5.308/.300 WM/.338 Lapua13.44Bolt-Action
Savage116 Alaskan Brush Hunter"More on the 116 Alaskan Brush Hunter41.5.338 Win/.357 Ruger7.63Bolt-Action
Savage11/111 Hog Hunter"More on the 11/111 Hog Hunter40.5.223/.308/.338 WM84Bolt-Action
Savage10 FCP McMillan"More on the 10 FCP McMillan46.5.308104Bolt-Action
Savage10 FCPXP HS Precision"More on the 10 FCPXP HS Precision46.5.30874Bolt-Action
Savage10 Precision Carbine"More on the 10 Precision Carbine40.5.223/.30884Bolt-Action
SCCYGen2 CPX-2 & CPX-1"More on the Gen2 CPX-2 & CPX-15.79mm/Semi-Auto1510Pocket Carry Handguns
Seekins PrecisionSPCBRV1 Combat Rifle"More on the SPCBRV1 Combat Rifle31.5.223 Wylde/300 BLK7.230Semi-Auto Rifles
Seekins PrecisionSP03G Rifle"More on the SP03G Rifle36.223 Wylde8.530Semi-Auto Rifles
Seekins PrecisionSPR03 Rifle"More on the SPR03 Rifle33.3.223 Wylde/300 BLK7.530Semi-Auto Rifles
Sig SauerP226"More on the P2267.79mm/.357 SIG/.40 S&W Semi-Auto3415,12,12Concealed Carry Handguns
Sig Sauer1911 C3"More on the 1911 C37.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto29.57Concealed Carry Handguns
Sig Sauer1911 Carry Nitron"More on the 1911 Carry Nitron7.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto38.88Concealed Carry Handguns
Sig Sauer1911 Carry Stainless"More on the 1911 Carry Stainless7.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto35.48Concealed Carry Handguns
Sig Sauer1911 Compact RCS Nitron"More on the 1911 Compact RCS Nitron7.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto29.58Concealed Carry Handguns
Sig Sauer1911 RCS Two-Tone"More on the 1911 RCS Two-Tone7.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto29.58Concealed Carry Handguns
Sig SauerP226 X-Five"More on the P226 X-Five8.89mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto47.219,14Home Defense Handguns
Sig SauerP320"More on the P32089mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto29.417,14Concealed Carry Handguns
Sig SauerP224"More on the P2246.79mm/.40 S&W/.357 SIG25.411,10Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Sig SauerP320 Carry"More on the P320 Carry7.29mm/.357/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto2615,13,13Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Sig SauerP229"More on the P2297.69mm/.357/.40 S&W /Semi-Auto3215, 12,12Concealed Carry Handguns
Sig SauerSP2022"More on the SP20227.49mm/.357 SIG/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto2915,12,12Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Sig Sauer1911-22"More on the 1911-228.5.22 LR/Semi-Auto3410Rimfire
Sig SauerMosquito"More on the Mosquito7.2.22 LR/Semi-Auto24.610Rimfire
Sig SauerP226 Classic 22"More on the P226 Classic 227.7.22 LR/Semi-Auto23.710Rimfire
Sig SauerP238"More on the P2385.5.380 ACP/Semi-Auto15.26Pocket Carry Handguns
Sig SauerP232"More on the P2326.6.380 ACP/Semi-Auto17.67Pocket Carry Handguns
Sig SauerP239"More on the P2396.69mm/.357 SIG/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto29.58,7,7Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Sig SauerP516 Pistol"More on the P516 Pistol20.55.56mm/Semi-Auto100.810,30Home Defense Handguns
Sig SauerP250 Sub Compact"More on the P250 Sub Compact7.29mm/.357 SIG/.40 S&W/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto24.912,9,9,6Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Sig Sauer516 Patrol"More on the 516 Patrol39.55.56 NATO7.630Semi-Auto Rifles
Sig Sauer1911 Target Stainless"More on the 1911 Target Stainless8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto41.68Home Defense Handguns
Sig Sauer1911X0 Black"More on the 1911X0 Black8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto41.68Home Defense Handguns
Sig Sauer556 Classic"More on the 556 Classic37.15.56 NATO8.230Semi-Auto Rifles
Sig SauerP220"More on the P2207.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto30.48Concealed Carry Handguns
Sig SauerUltra Compact 1911"More on the Ultra Compact 19116.8.45 ACP/Semi-Auto24.97Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Sig SauerP220 Compact"More on the P220 Compact7.1.45 ACP/Semi-Auto29.66Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Sig SauerSP2022"More on the SP20227.49mm/.40S&W/Semi-Auto2915,12Concealed Carry Handguns
Sig Sauer556 Patrol Rifle"More on the 556 Patrol Rifle36.15.56 NATO7.530Semi-Auto Rifles
Sig Sauer556SCM"More on the 556SCM365.56 NATO830Semi-Auto Rifles
Sig Sauer556 Classic SWAT"More on the 556 Classic SWAT37.85.56 NATO8.330Semi-Auto Rifles
Sig Sauer556 SWAT Patrol Rifle"More on the 556 SWAT Patrol Rifle36.15.56 NATO7.530Semi-Auto Rifles
Sig Sauer1911 Nightmare"More on the 1911 Nightmare8.7.357 SIG/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto41.69,8Home Defense Handguns
Sig SauerP227"More on the P2277.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto3210Concealed Carry Handguns
Sig SauerSSG 3000 18" Patrol"More on the SSG 3000 18" Patrol40.30811.55Bolt-Action
Sig Sauer556xi"More on the 556xi36.75.56 NATO7.630Semi-Auto Rifles
Sig Sauer556xi Carbon"More on the 556xi Carbon35.65.56 NATO730Semi-Auto Rifles
Sig Sauer556xi Russian"More on the 556xi Russian35.85.56 NATO7.130Semi-Auto Rifles
Sig SauerM400 Predator"More on the M400 Predator38.255.56 NATO6.15Semi-Auto Rifles
Sig Sauer1911 Nitron Max"More on the 1911 Nitron Max8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto41.610Home Defense Handguns
Sig Sauer1911 Nitron Rail"More on the 1911 Nitron Rail8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto41.68Home Defense Handguns
Sig SauerP229 E2"More on the P229 E27.19mm/Semi-Auto3215Concealed Carry Handguns
Sig SauerP226 X-Five Tactical"More on the P226 X-Five Tactical8.89mm/Semi-Auto35.515Home Defense Handguns
Sig Sauer1911 Scorpion"More on the 1911 Scorpion8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto41.68Home Defense Handguns
Sig Sauer1911 STX"More on the 1911 STX8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto41.68Home Defense Handguns
Sig SauerP290RS"More on the P290RS5.59mm/Semi-Auto20.56Pocket Carry Handguns
Sig Sauer1911 Traditional TACOPS"More on the 1911 Traditional TACOPS8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto41.68Home Defense Handguns
Sig Sauer1911 Tactical Operations"More on the 1911 Tactical Operations8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto41.68Home Defense Handguns
Sig Sauer716 Rifle"More on the 716 Rifle37.47.62 NATO9.320Semi-Auto Rifles
Sig Sauer716 Patrol"More on the 716 Patrol38.37.62 NATO7.620Semi-Auto Rifles
Sig SauerTAC2"More on the TAC244.5.308/.338 Lapua11.95Bolt-Action
Sig SauerP938 Sub Compact"More on the P938 Sub Compact5.99mm/Semi-Auto166,7Pocket Carry Handguns
Sig Sauer1911 Tactical Operations TB"More on the 1911 Tactical Operations TB8.75.45 ACP/Semi-Auto41.88Home Defense Handguns
Sig Sauer551-A1"More on the 551-A136.15.56 NATO720,30Semi-Auto Rifles
SphinxSDP Compact Alpha"More on the SDP Compact Alpha7.849mm/Semi-Auto27.515Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
SpringfieldXD(M) 3.8 Compact"More on the XD(M) 3.8 Compact7.45 ACP./Semi-Auto279,13Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
SpringfieldXD 45 ACP 4”"More on the XD 45 ACP 4”7.3.45 ACP/Semi-Auto3013Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
SpringfieldEMP (Enhanced Micro Pistol)"More on the EMP (Enhanced Micro Pistol)6.59mm/Semi-Auto269Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Springfield1911 Lightweight Operator"More on the 1911 Lightweight Operator8.5.45 ACP/Semi-Auto347Concealed Carry Handguns
SpringfieldXD Service Model 4""More on the XD Service Model 4"7.39mm/Semi-Auto2816Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
SpringfieldLoaded MIA Walnut"More on the Loaded MIA Walnut44.37.62 NATO9.810Semi-Auto Rifles
SpringfieldSuper Match MIA Walnut"More on the Super Match MIA Walnut44.37.62 NATO11.210Semi-Auto Rifles
SpringfieldXD(M) 3.8 Compact"More on the XD(M) 3.8 Compact79mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto2713,11Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Springfield1911 Range Officer"More on the 1911 Range Officer8.59mm/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto419,7Concealed Carry Handguns
SpringfieldXD-S 4.0"More on the XD-S 4.06.879mm/Semi-Auto237Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
SpringfieldTRP Operator"More on the TRP Operator8.6.45 ACP/Semi-Auto457Home Defense Handguns
SpringfieldXD Sub-Compact 3""More on the XD Sub-Compact 3"6.259mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto2613,9Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
SpringfieldXD Tactical Model 5""More on the XD Tactical Model 5"8.39mm/Semi-Auto3216Concealed Carry Handguns
SpringfieldXD Tactical Model 5""More on the XD Tactical Model 5"8.3.40 S&W/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto3212,13Concealed Carry Handguns
SpringfieldM21 Tactical"More on the M21 Tactical44.37.62 NATO11.610Semi-Auto Rifles
SpringfieldXD(M) 3.8"More on the XD(M) 3.879mm/.40 S&W Semi-Auto27.519,16Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
SpringfieldScout Squad"More on the Scout Squad40.37.62 NATO9.310Semi-Auto Rifles
Springfield1911 MC Operator"More on the 1911 MC Operator8.5.45 ACP/Semi-Auto427Concealed Carry Handguns
SpringfieldSOCOM II"More on the SOCOM II37.257.62 NATO1010Semi-Auto Rifles
Springfield1911TRP"More on the 1911TRP8.5.45 ACP/Semi-Auto457Concealed Carry Handguns
SpringfieldSOCOM 16"More on the SOCOM 1637.257.62 NATO8.810Semi-Auto Rifles
SpringfieldXD(M) Competition"More on the XD(M) Competition8.3.45 ACP/Semi-Auto3213Home Defense Handguns
SpringfieldXD Service Model 4”"More on the XD Service Model 4”7.3.40 S&W/Semi-Auto2912Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Springfield ArmoryXD-S"More on the XD-S6.3.45 ACP/Semi-Auto21.55Pocket Carry Handguns
Springfield ArmoryXD-S"More on the XD-S6.30 19mm/Semi-Auto237Pocket Carry Handguns
Stag ArmsModel 3G/3GL"More on the Model 3G/3GL365.56 NATO7.830Semi-Auto Rifles
Stag ArmsModel 3"More on the Model 332.255.56 NATO6.130Semi-Auto Rifles
Stag ArmsModel 2"More on the Model 232.255.56 NATO6.530Semi-Auto Rifles
Stag ArmsModel 2T"More on the Model 2T32.255.56 NATO6.830Semi-Auto Rifles
Stag ArmsModel 1"More on the Model 132.255.56 NATO730Semi-Auto Rifles
Stag ArmsModel 4 (A2 buttstock)"More on the Model 4 (A2 buttstock)39.755.56 NATO8.520Semi-Auto Rifles
Stag ArmsModel 8"More on the Model 832.255.56 NATO6.930Semi-Auto Rifles
Stag ArmsModel 5"More on the Model 532.256.8 SPC6.425Semi-Auto Rifles
Stevens512 Gold Wing"More on the 512 Gold Wing4412/20/28/.410/Over/Under6.00-8.002Misc Shotguns
SteyrAUG A3"More on the AUG A328.155.56 NATO830,42Semi-Auto Rifles
SteyrM-Al"More on the M-Al7.29mm/.357 SIG/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto26.217,12Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
SteyrSSG 08"More on the SSG 0850.1.308/.300 Win Mag/.338 LM13.2510Bolt-Action
SteyrScout (w/integral bipod)"More on the Scout (w/integral bipod)38.6.223/.3086.65Bolt-Action
SteyrAUG A3 NATO"More on the AUG A3 NATO28.155.56 NATO830Semi-Auto Rifles
SteyrCL II"More on the CL II45.3.223/.3087.264Bolt-Action
SteyrSM 12"More on the SM 1243.9.308/.30-06/.243 Win7.34Bolt-Action
SteyrDuett"More on the Duett40.312/.223 Rem./.308/.30-064.842Misc Shotguns
SteyrMannlicher Pro Varmint"More on the Mannlicher Pro Varmint44.6.2238.584Bolt-Action
SteyrAUG Ml"More on the AUG Ml28.155.56 NATO80030,42Semi-Auto Rifles
SteyrS-Al"More on the S-Al6.79mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto2410Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
SteyrSSG 04"More on the SSG 0446.3.30810.810Bolt-Action
SteyrC-Al"More on the C-Al6.79mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto25.617,12Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
STI InternationalGuardian"More on the Guardian7.59mm/.40 S&W/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto308,7,6Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
STI InternationalDuty One Lt 3.0"More on the Duty One Lt 3.06.59mm/.40 S&W/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto25.58,7,6Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
STI InternationalShadow"More on the Shadow79mm/.40/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto22.87,6Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
STI InternationalElektra"More on the Elektra79mm/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto22.928,6Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
STI InternationalEscort"More on the Escort79mm/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto22.87,6Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
STI InternationalVIP"More on the VIP7.59mm/.40/.45 ACP/Semi-Auto3015,12,10Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
StoegerCoach Gun"More on the Coach Gun3612/20/Side-by-Side6.52Misc Shotguns
StoegerDouble Defense 20”"More on the Double Defense 20”36.512/20/0ver/Under7.10/6.60 12Misc Shotguns
StoegerM3020"More on the M302047.7520 (2.75" 3")5.64Semi-Auto Shotguns
StoegerCondor Outback"More on the Condor Outback3612/20/0ver/Under7.00/6.502Misc Shotguns
StoegerP-350"More on the P-35040.25126.44Pump-Action Shotguns
StoegerCoach Gun Supreme"More on the Coach Gun Supreme36.520/Side-by-Side6.42Misc Shotguns
StoegerDouble Defense 20”"More on the Double Defense 20”36.512/20/Side-by-Side6.52Misc Shotguns
StoegerCoach Gun Supreme"More on the Coach Gun Supreme3612/20/Side-by-Side6.52Misc Shotguns
StoegerM3500 24”"More on the M3500 24”4612 (3.5")7.454Semi-Auto Shotguns
StoegerCoach Gun Supreme"More on the Coach Gun Supreme36.512/Side-by-Side6.52Misc Shotguns
Stoeger2000"More on the 200039.75126.54Semi-Auto Shotguns
Taurus24/7 Generation 2"More on the 24/7 Generation 27.289mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto2817,15Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Taurus24/7 G2"More on the 24/7 G28.259mm/Semi-Auto32.517Concealed Carry Handguns
Taurus800 Series 840B"More on the 800 Series 840B8.25.40 S&W/Semi-Auto29.615Concealed Carry Handguns
TaurusTracker"More on the Tracker9.44 Mag./Rev.348Home Defense Handguns
TaurusTracker"More on the Tracker8.75.38 Spl./.357 Mag./Rev.28.85Home Defense Handguns
TaurusProtector Polymer"More on the Protector Polymer6.58.38 Spl./.357 Mag/ Rev.19.755Pocket Carry Handguns
Taurus817B2"More on the 817B26.62.38 Spl./Rev.217Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
TaurusTracker 971SS6"More on the Tracker 971SS610.75.22 Mag./Rev.45.67Rimfire
Taurus941 Ultra-Lite 2”"More on the 941 Ultra-Lite 2”6.37.22 Mag./Rev.18.58Rimfire
Taurus941 5°"More on the 941 5°9.75.22 Mag./Rev.27.58Rimfire
TaurusSFR 856"More on the SFR 8566.5.38 Spl./Rev.22.26Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Taurus85 Ultra-Lite"More on the 85 Ultra-Lite6.5.38 Spl/Rev.175Pocket Carry Handguns
Taurus85 View"More on the 85 View5.38 Spl/Rev.8.95Pocket Carry Handguns
TaurusLarge Frame 38S-SSPRL"More on the Large Frame 38S-SSPRL7.5.38 Super/Semi-Auto3010Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
TaurusRaging Bull 8-3/8”"More on the Raging Bull 8-3/8”14.44 Mag./Rev.536Home Defense Handguns
TaurusRaging Bull 6-1/2”"More on the Raging Bull 6-1/2”12.44 Mag./Rev.536Home Defense Handguns
TaurusRaging Bull 4”"More on the Raging Bull 4”9.8.44 Mag./Rev.28.36Home Defense Handguns
TaurusPT111 Millennium G2"More on the PT111 Millennium G26.29mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto2210Pocket Carry Handguns
TaurusModel 44 6-1/2”"More on the Model 44 6-1/2”11.62.44 Mag/Rev.526Home Defense Handguns
Taurus22 N Series"More on the 22 N Series5.25.22 LR/Semi-Auto12.38Rimfire
Taurus22PLY"More on the 22PLY4.8.22 LR/Semi-Auto18.88Rimfire
TaurusModel 44 8-3/8”"More on the Model 44 8-3/8”13.75.44 Mag/Rev.578Home Defense Handguns
TaurusLarge Frame 945B"More on the Large Frame 945B7.5.45 ACP/Semi-Auto29.58Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Taurus405"More on the 4057.40 S&W/Rev.295Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Taurus800 Series 845B"More on the 800 Series 845B8.25.45 ACP/Semi-Auto28.212Concealed Carry Handguns
TaurusRaging Judge Magnum"More on the Raging Judge Magnum13.6.410 Mag/,45 Colt/.454 Casull/Rev.72.75Home Defense Handguns
Taurus24/7 Generation 2"More on the 24/7 Generation 27.12.45 ACP/Semi-Auto27.212Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Taurus24/7 G2"More on the 24/7 G28.25.40 S&W/Semi-Auto3215Concealed Carry Handguns
Taurus92/100"More on the 92/1008.5.40 S&W/Semi-Auto3416Concealed Carry Handguns
Taurus800 Series 809B"More on the 800 Series 809B8.259mm/Semi-Auto30.217Concealed Carry Handguns
Taurus445 Ultra-Lite"More on the 445 Ultra-Lite7.44 Spl./Rev.225Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Taurus800 Series Compact"More on the 800 Series Compact6.79mm/.40 S&W24.717,15Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
TaurusMillennium Pro Compact"More on the Millennium Pro Compact6.129mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto18.710,12Pocket Carry Handguns
TaurusLarge Frame 909B"More on the Large Frame 909B79mm/Semi-Auto28.217Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Taurus24/7 Compact"More on the 24/7 Compact6.59mm/.40 S&W/.45 ACP2717,15,12Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
TaurusModel 608"More on the Model 60811.67.357 Mag./Rev.516Home Defense Handguns
Taurus617B2"More on the 617B26.63.357 Mag./Rev.28.37Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
TaurusJudge Public Defender"More on the Judge Public Defender7.65.45 Colt/.410 Rev.28.25Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
TaurusTracker 970SS6"More on the Tracker 970SS610.75.22 LR/Rev.45.67Rimfire
Taurus94 4”"More on the 94 4”8.75.22 LR/Rev.259Rimfire
Taurus92B/92SS"More on the 92B/92SS8.59mm/Semi-Auto3410, 17Concealed Carry Handguns
TaurusJudge Public Defender Polymer"More on the Judge Public Defender Polymer7.65.45 Colt/.410 Rev.245Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
TaurusTracker"More on the Tracker8.75.41 Mag./Rev.34.87Home Defense Handguns
TaurusTracker 992"More on the Tracker 99211.4.22 LR/.22 Mag/Rev.559Rimfire
Taurus24/7 G2"More on the 24/7 G28.25.45 ACP/Semi-Auto31.412Concealed Carry Handguns
TaurusRaging Bull 6-1/2”"More on the Raging Bull 6-1/2”12,454/Rev.536Home Defense Handguns
TaurusRaging Bull 8-3/8”"More on the Raging Bull 8-3/8”14.454/Rev.636Home Defense Handguns
UbertiModel 1873 Sporting Rifle"More on the Model 1873 Sporting Rifle43.25.357/.44-40/.45 Colt/Lever8.213Lever and Pump Action Rifles
UbertiModel 1873 Competition"More on the Model 1873 Competition39.357/.45 Colt/Lever810Lever and Pump Action Rifles
UTASUTS-15"More on the UTS-1527.812 (2.75", 3")8.515Pump-Action Shotguns
WaltherPPQ M2"More on the PPQ M27.19mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto24.515, 11Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
WaltherPPQ M2 5”"More on the PPQ M2 5”89mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto24.515, 11Concealed Carry Handguns
WaltherP99AS"More on the P99AS7.29mm/.40 /Semi-Auto23.115,12Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
WaltherPPK/S .22"More on the PPK/S .226.1.22 LR/Semi-Auto2410Rimfire
WaltherP22 3.42”"More on the P22 3.42”6.3.22 LR/Semi-Auto15.110Rimfire
WaltherPPS"More on the PPS6.39mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto19.47.6Pocket Carry Handguns
WaltherPPQ M2 5""More on the PPQ M2 5"8.2.22 LR/Semi-Auto2212Rimfire
WaltherP22 5""More on the P22 5"7.8.22 LR/Seml Auto188010Rimfire
WaltherP99AS Compact"More on the P99AS Compact6.69mm/.40 S&W/Semi-Auto20.810,8Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
WaltherPPX"More on the PPX7.29mm/.40 S&W27.216,14Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
WaltherPPQ M2"More on the PPQ M27.2.22 LR/Semi-Auto2112Rimfire
WattherPK380"More on the PK3806.5.380 ACP/Semi-Auto19.48Pocket Carry Handguns
WeatherbySA-08 GH2"More on the SA-08 GH24320 (3”)5.754Semi-Auto Shotguns
WeatherbySA-08 Deluxe"More on the SA-08 Deluxe46.5285.54Semi-Auto Shotguns
WeatherbyPA-08 Typhon TR/Black Reaper"More on the PA-08 Typhon TR/Black Reaper3912/206.50/5.754,5Pump-Action Shotguns
WeatherbySA-08 Synthetic"More on the SA-08 Synthetic4612/206.00-6.504Semi-Auto Shotguns
Weatherby| WBY-X Kryptek TR"More on the | WBY-X Kryptek TR42.223/.3088.255Bolt-Action
WeatherbyMark VTRR"More on the Mark VTRR48.300 WM/.338 Lapua9.253,4Bolt-Action
WeatherbyPA-459 TR 8-Shot"More on the PA-459 TR 8-Shot39126.756,7Pump-Action Shotguns
Wilson CombatRecon Tactical"More on the Recon Tactical33300 Blackout730Semi-Auto Rifles
Wilson CombatTactical Supergrade"More on the Tactical Supergrade8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto38.18Home Defense Handguns
Wilson CombatElite Professional"More on the Elite Professional7.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto36.28Concealed Carry Handguns
Wilson CombatCQB Compact"More on the CQB Compact7.6.45 ACP/Semi-Auto33.87Concealed Carry Handguns
Wilson CombatCarry Comp"More on the Carry Comp8.1.45 ACP/Semi-Auto36.78Concealed Carry Handguns
Wilson CombatStandard Model"More on the Standard Model39.7128.96Pump-Action Shotguns
Wilson CombatBorder Patrol"More on the Border Patrol39 70127.76Pump-Action Shotguns
Wilson Combat6.8 SPC Project"More on the 6.8 SPC Project36.256.8 SPC7.715Semi-Auto Rifles
Wilson CombatMs. Sentinel"More on the Ms. Sentinel7.29mm/Semi-Auto26.88Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Wilson CombatSPR (Special Purpose Rifle)"More on the SPR (Special Purpose Rifle)37.755.56 NATO830Semi-Auto Rifles
Wilson CombatSpec-Ops 9"More on the Spec-Ops 97.99mm/Semi-Auto29.616Compact Carry Handguns Handguns
Wilson CombatPaul Howe Tactical Carbine"More on the Paul Howe Tactical Carbine34.255.56 NATO7.530Semi-Auto Rifles
Wilson CombatRemington Steal"More on the Remington StealVaries12VariesVariesPump-Action Shotguns
Wilson CombatProfessional"More on the Professional34.4126.45Pump-Action Shotguns
Wilson CombatRecon SR Tactical"More on the Recon SR Tactical31.5300 Blackout6.130Semi-Auto Rifles
Wilson CombatUltralight Carry"More on the Ultralight Carry8.59mm/.38 Super/.45 ACP32.88Concealed Carry Handguns
Wilson CombatStealth"More on the Stealth7.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto35.37Concealed Carry Handguns
Wilson CombatBill Wilson Carry Pistol"More on the Bill Wilson Carry Pistol7.6.45 ACP/Semi-Auto357Concealed Carry Handguns
Wilson CombatTactical Supergrade Professional"More on the Tactical Supergrade Professional7.6.45 ACP/Semi-Auto39.28Concealed Carry Handguns
Wilson CombatCQB"More on the CQB8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto38.18Home Defense Handguns
Wilson CombatTactical Elite"More on the Tactical Elite8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto39.58Home Defense Handguns
Wilson CombatTactical LE"More on the Tactical LE8.7.45 ACP/Semi-Auto418Home Defense Handguns
Windham WeaponryVarmint Exterminator"More on the Varmint Exterminator38.25.2238.25,30Semi-Auto Rifles
Windham WeaponryMPC"More on the MPC32.385.56 NATO6.8530Semi-Auto Rifles
Yankee Hill MachineYHM-8800"More on the YHM-880032.55.56 NATO7.130Semi-Auto Rifles
Yankee Hill MachineModel-57"More on the Model-5732.255.56/6.8 SPC/300 BLK7.4330Semi-Auto Rifles
Yankee Hill MachineYHM-8530"More on the YHM-853032.55.56 NATO6.930Semi-Auto Rifles

Other than the length of your gun, it’s additionally important to weigh in other size factors.  Consider whether you also need room for the following:

  • Additional firearms
  • Knife or multi-tool
  • Tactical flashlight
  • Additional magazines and ammunition
  • Cell phone
  • Go bag
  • Cash and ID
  • Sweet bandanna and/or aviator sun glasses to let the intruder(s) know you mean business

Taking all of those potential extra items into account, take stock of your inventory, measure dimensions as necessary, and choose a safe that meets the dimensional criteria.  Some models are built with ample accessory storage in mind (e.g., the Stealth Handgun Hanger or the Barska Biometric Rifle Safe), while some more low-profile products offer only enough storage for the weapon itself (e.g., the GunVault SV500 SpeedVault).

Whether you need need to get to your pistol, shotgun, rifle or all three, you have plenty of options.

Lock Type


Biometric fingerprint gun safes probably get the most attention; at least the most “ooohs and aaaaahs”.  They allow for extremely fast access to safe contents.

Safes with fingerprint readers have been available for over a decade, but until recent years, have offered questionable reliability.  Many were easily spoofed, while others offered the legitimate owner inconsistent access at best.  Times have changed, however, and the technology has grown more sophisticated, and significantly more accurate, making these worthy of their often demanding price tags.

One of the most important features to consider is the number of fingerprints that can be stored for recognition.  Fumbling around in the dark, scared half to death, you might not always have your thumb or index finger ready for scanning.  It’s of huge benefit to have multiple fingers enrolled in the system for redundant access.  Want proof?  How many times have you had to use TouchID on your iPhone with a secondary or tertiary finger because you had potato chip grease all over your thumb?  Now imagine someone is also trying to kill you in the middle of the night…better drop those chips, and arm up, son.

In addition to using your own multiple fingerprints, you may have more than one resident in your home who also needs access to the safe.  By choosing a model with a high number of authorized print storage, your spouse and/or responsible children can also experience the benefits of firepower on rapid demand.

There are many biometric bedside gun safes that feature hyper-accurate, multiple print storage, however, one consistently stands out above the rest:

The “Verifi Smart.Safe” from Zvetco Biometrics not only boasts a 3D imaging scanner for the most accurate scanning available on the mainstream market, but the option to store up to 40 different fingerprints.  You can even retrieve access logs to find out who’s been digging around in the gun box.  Yes, it’s a bit more expensive, but that’s the price of quality for ya.

Electronic Combination

Perhaps the most popular–at least the most prolific–lock type is the electronic combination style.  These safes are unlocked when the user inputs the correct four or five button combination into the safe.  Nearly all require battery power (at least for back up), and most can be reliably run from a power adapter for typical daily access.  I’ve had two electronic quick access safes over the years, and both have functioned with reasonable reliability.

Lockout thresholds are a common feature offered with these models.  When someone guesses the wrong password too many times, they’re required to wait several minutes before attempting again.  This is great for slowing down curious children (more specifically, tenacious children, who would ordinarily be willing to wade through 1000+ combinations before hitting the right one).

Of course, most include a three to five incorrect guess threshold to give the hasty, butter-fingery owner a slight padding for error.  In the worst case, nearly all of them also include keyed entry for manual access.

The Stack-On Low Profile model is a solid buy for the price-conscious shopper.  It offers several mounting options, a three-attempt lockout threshold, and room for almost all home defense and concealed carry pistols.

Mechanical Combination

If you held a gun to my head (hopefully not my own gun, which should be locked up in my safe) and made me choose my favorite quick access lock type, I’d have to choose the mechanical combination option.

They offer nearly the same speed of access as an electronic combination lock, but none of the electronic baggage (for better and for worse…mainly better, in my opinion).  In short, you don’t have to worry about batteries.

Many manufacturers of these products use Simplex locks, which, generally speaking, are more secure and resilient that the solenoid options offered in many popular electronic models.  My Winchester eVault’s lock, for instance, finally gave up after about five years of weekly use.  The mechanical lock on my V-line Deskmate, however, hasn’t malfunctioned once in the eight years that I’ve had it.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer extra security features like a lockout threshold or audit logging (at least none of them that I’m aware of), or the perk of interior lightning.  That said, most models allow for simultaneous button input, which offers 1081 combinations on a typical four-button unit.  Also, many don’t have alternate keyed entry (which could also be seen as a benefit; one less piece to manipulate), so don’t lose your combination.


There isn’t much to say about keyed entry pistol safes that you probably don’t already know.  As the name implies, you need to access them with a key.  So, while simplicity has an advantage, quickness takes a hit.  Not to mention, you have to have the key on hand, which may defeat the purpose entirely, depending on your application.

Caveats aside, most keyed models are ideal for portability.  They also make a solid, inexpensive car safe.  Not only are you already carrying your keys in the car, but multiple bike lock-esque tethering options help add to security.

The Sentry PP1K is one of the most popular keyed handgun safes (also comes in biometric and electronic combination options).

Door and mounting options

Where is this safe going to go?  Underneath a night stand; under the bed; in the wall; in a drawer; in a house with a mouse?  These are very simple, but important factors to consider.  You have plenty of options for the task.

Front opening door

A safe where the door opens from the front is probably the most common configuration.  This is handy for most situations, where the safe is sitting on top of an open surface (e.g., a desk or nightstand).

Top Opening Door

A safe door that opens from the top is necessary when access from the front isn’t possible (e.g., inside a desk drawer).  It’s also a common configuration for a safe that can be optionally mounted on the wall (more on that in a second).

Horizontal Surface Mount

Nearly every quick access safe on the market includes some sort of mounting option for added stability and security.  The most common far and away is the horizontal surface mount; fastening the safe to the floor or a desktop.  There’s no need to overthink this; just make sure you know whether you want to mount the box from the top (e.g., underneath a desk) or from the bottom (e.g., on top of a desk), and purchase accordingly.

V-Line Deskmate mounted underneath a kitchen shelf.

Stack-On QAS-1512 mounted from the bottom on a closet shelf.

Wall mount

The wall mounted option is practical in a couple circumstances.  One being the obvious; when you want to hang a safe on the wall to save space elsewhere.  The other is when you want to add reinforcement, and can’t mount the safe to the horizontal surface that it’s sitting on.  Not every model offers these options, so be sure to check the manufacturer specs before you buy.

Homak HS10036683 Mounted in a closet wall.

In-Wall Mount

The difference between a wall mount and an in-wall mount configuration is that the latter is literally mounted in the wall; typically between two studs.  This allows for maximum real estate savings and increased security.  Ripping the safe out of the wall is far from a practical option for a burglar in a hurry, and considering the concealment potential, he may not find it in the first place.

Stack-On QAS-1522 hidden behind an innovative mirror on rails configuration.

Other Features


With daily, or even weekly use, gaining access to your safe should become as easy as breathing, even in the dark.  Having said that, adding fear and adrenaline to the equation tends to have wildcard results.  If you place a heavy value on being able to see in the dark, you may want to consider a model with interior lightning.

Alarm and Monitoring

For some, a standalone lock isn’t enough for a solid peace of mind.  If you fall into this category, you might want to consider a safe with a built-in alarm system to ward off unwanted tampering, like the GunBox (pictured below).

You can additionally take it to the next level with a monitoring unit, like Liberty’s SafElert system.  While it’s generally designed for use in full-sized gun safes and residential security containers, it’s compact enough (about the size of a pager) to fit in most of the quick access safes featured on this page.  They offer lifetime monitoring with purchase of the device, as well as an app to update you with the following alerts: when motion is detected, the door opens, and even when the humidity gets too high.

The GunBox comes equipped with a built-in tamper detection audible alarm.

Liberty SafeElert System


Finally, there are some configurations that call for a very specific fit.  ShotLock products like the AR15 Solo Vault (pictured below) are the perfect example.  ShotLock makes several safe models specially designed to fit either an AR15 black rifle or shotgun (check their site to verify a proper fit first).  I own one of the early models myself, which I use to secure my Mossberg 500.  It works beautifully, and looks awesome.

Many models are appropriate for legally securing firearms in the car, however, very few offer a presentation as slick as the ConsoleVault (pictured below).  ConsoleVaults offer perfect form-fitting safes in the center console of your car (primarily SUVs).  Check to see if they offer a fit for your ride.

Quick Access Gun Safe Table and Final Words

When you don’t have the luxury of waiting for protection, and you need your firearm by your bedside, kitchen cabinet, or vehicle for immediate access, rest assured, there are plenty of great options to reach for your heat in a hurry.

Consult the table below for an all-encompassing look at quick access gun safes.  Use it to find the features and dimensions you’re looking for, and let me know if I’m missing a model (I’m constantly adding to it).

I’m currently experiencing technical issues with the TABLE.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  In the mean time, please check out Amazon’s comprehensive list of quick access safes.