Gun Safe Owner Review Submission Form: GET PAID

We will pay you $15 just to send us a few pictures of your gun safe, and tell us a little bit about it (all payments made via PayPal).  We value your personal security at, and want to keep your information completely anonymous.  In fact, we won’t even ask for any identifying information other than the email address linked to your PayPal account.

Please allow time for us to review your submission.  If selected, we’ll write a gun safe review using your images and feedback, and post it on the site (here’s an example of an owner submitted Liberty Centurion review).  Please contact us with any questions.  Thanks!

e.g., Liberty, Stack-On, Cannon, etc
e.g., Franklin, Fat Boy, Elite, etc
e.g., guns, ammo, knives, jewelry, etc
e.g., ammo and accessories on one side and guns on the other; pistols on top and long guns on bottom; stuff you use most in the front; etc
e.g., dehumidifier, lights, door organizer, smoke detector, etc

Upload images

All images MUST BE UNIQUE. All images will be checked against duplicates on the Internet, and will be immediately declined if copied from elsewhere. The first three images are required. The others are optional. Images can be up to 5 MB in size each, and may be jpeg, jpg, png, gif, or tiff formats.
e.g., favorite gun mentioned, close up of lock, gun safe accessories, etc


For the sake of anonymity, Paypal is the only form of payment at this time. If your review is selected, you can expect a payment within 1-2 days
Will be used to send payment (if selected). YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY SOLICITATION.
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