Investing in a gun safe is an extremely underrated practice.  A lot of folks don’t hesitate to spend tens of thousands of dollars on their gun collection, but choke up when it comes time to spend money to protect it.  More importantly, they forget the importance of safety, and protecting their arsenal from unauthorized access.

Me with my GSG 5 in a SnuggieMy name’s Jack Burton (the goofy Snuggie-clad, GSG-5 toting bastard pictured left) I created this site to cover the many facets of the wonderful world of gun storage – at least as I know it.  I’m not a certified locksmith, or an expert published author, in fact I’m just a firearms enthusiast who strangely enough gets his kicks researching security practices.  That said, what I say, suggest, and market on this blog should not be taken as the final word.  I can assure you that I hold accuracy as a number one priority, but I strongly encourage you to always get a second opinion.  All I ask is that if you catch something that I missed, please let me know – I’m always trying to improve the content of this site.

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