Make: illumiSAFE

Model: illumiSAFE Gun Holster Edition

Amount of gun storage advertised: 2

Amount of gun stored: 1 with ammo

illumiSAFE chillin’ on the nightstand.

General Contents: Ruger 9mm with additional Ammo and Watch Holder

Where is it Kept: I keep it on my night stand for quick access. I could keep it in my office as well because it is designed to match any home décor.

illumiSAFE closed up and concealed…no one is the wiser.

Detailed Information on the Contents: I usually will keep either my Ruger P90 9mm inside the safe, even though I could store up to two guns inside of it, I decided to store only one gun with extra ammo inside of it inside the drawers. As the inner compartment lifts out of the safe body the gun drops down allowing me to easily grab my gun in emergency situations.

Things that I like about it (pros): Its hidden, so my kids and others do not know it is there. When they walk into the room they see a lamp and not a safe. I can put it anywhere in my house and not have to worry about my kids getting into my guns. In addition, my wife can choose the color to match her tastes satisfying her home décor design criteria. I like that I have the option to bolt it to my night stand or desk.

The coolest feature that I like about the safe is the ability to stay connected to it wherever I am at. For example, if I am at the store and one of my kids even bumps the table that it is on I get a notification that someone is messing with it, and I can call home to make sure my kids are staying away from my guns.

Things that I don’t like about it (cons):  I don’t have too many bad things to say about the illumiSAFE. It is a great product with a bunch of options.

Final Thoughts: I love this product. I can get to my guns quickly, and they are hidden away from nosy people, or curious kids. I’m able to stay connected to my guns, and they can stay hidden next to me at night where I can quickly access them in case of an emergency.  I love that there is now a safe option that allows my guns to be hidden, yet I can quickly access it without it being an eye sore as with other safes that sit in the open.

Close up look at the illumiSafe opened and ready for action.

Manufacture Specs

Outer Dimensions: 13.10” tall x 8.00” Diameter (without Lamp Shade)

Inner Dimensions: 10.25” tall x 5.75” wide x 7” deep

Material 12ga. Steel

Ship Wt. 20 lbs.