outdoor motion sensor light on swingset with machine gun turret

During my home defense project, I purchased several Fulcrum wireless outdoor motion sensor lights.  I installed a couple underneath eaves in the back, one over the garage, and another around the front corner of the house.  My objective was to cover the perimeter of the house, and I completed it successfully.  I had purchased an extra light for the project, thinking that I would need five to cover all the sides, but since four did the trick, it just sat in a box for a month.

A few weeks ago, for my daughter’s birthday, I picked up one of those Home Depot swing set kits…the ones that only cost $300, until you find out you need to buy an additional 200 lbs of lumber, an extra swing and a slide.  Anyways, I dropped some cash, put it together, she loves it, and I, of course love that she loves it.

Well, a couple days ago, I was in the backyard, pushing her on the swing, when it dawned on me; I can mount that extra light to the top of the swing set!  I bought the playground–there’s no reason I can’t have fun with it too, right?

light mounting kit

As I mentioned, the motion sensor lights are simple to install, and since they can be mounted on virtually any surface, driving two screw into the 4×4 crossbeam was cake.

Now when someone steps into the center of my yard at night, they get caught in an LED crossfire.  There’s a 25 ft2 sweet spot in my backyard that triggers three lights at once, lighting up darn near the entire lawn.  It looks like a night game at Wrigley field…my neighbors just think it’s terrific.

Not a whole lot more to the story here–just an example of the fun you can have when you get creative with spare security resources.


Stay safe!

Fulcrum 20031-101 Motion Sensor LED Porch Light, Silver

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