Esquire Amish Gun Caibnet

Hey, what’s 11′, over 1000 lbs and made of wood?  If your answer was, “a cherry tree stuffed with 32 guns”, you’re correct!  You’d also be correct if you said, “the Esquire by Amish Woodworking”.

As I’ve mentioned before, I know very little about woodworking.  Due to this fact, I probably don’t give traditional gun cabinets the respect they deserve, but if I had this Amish gun cabinet in my living room, I’d bow and beg for mercy.

A while back, Tom from Handmade Traditions schooled me on what to look for in a quality custom gun cabinet; I’m pretty sure this thing meets the qualifications.  Of course, for the $10,000 price tag, if I bought it, I’d have to live in it.

I’m keeping this post short, but I just came across a picture of this beast last night, and had to share.  Here’s a link to their site, where you can see the rest of their handiwork, and drool all over their windows.