I’ve praised Winchester Gun Safes quite a bit in several articles on this site, but I feel pretty strongly about their products.  I admit, I’m a bit biased as I have two of them (if you count the EVault pistol safe), but if you’re looking for semi-substantial solution to keeping your valuables protected in the $700-$1500 price range, Winchester safes are extremely hard to beat.  Gunsafes.com also shares my sentiments for this company, as they offer some of the best prices on their products.  They’re currently offering some very attractive prices on a few Winchester Legacy and W Series models as well.  I detail the specs of both products elsewhere in the site, but for a quick reminder, the W series is Winchester’s most inexpensive full sized model (30 minute fire rating), and the Legacy series is their most expensive, most secure model (1 hour fire rating).

Through the Holidays, Gunsafes is getting rid of these two for a pretty slick deal.  You can pick up a 20 gun W model for $739 (an extra $60 for the slightly larger 24 gun spoke handle option), or a 24 gun Winchester Legacy gun safe for $1039.  Both of these models, manufactured for Winchester by Granite Security offer substantially more security than one of their similarly priced, often more expensive competitors (ie Stack On or Sentry).  As always, Gunsafes.com’s free shipping and price matching policies apply.  Again, I always think that a gun safe is never a product on which you want to sacrifice quality for price, so if you can afford to step things up to the $3000-$5000 range, there are better options available (Browning, Liberty, Fort Knox…).  That said, however, considering this added discount, if you’re even thinking about going the route of investing in one of these Winchester safes for sale, now would be a good time to do it.

If you don’t like what you see here, or are interested in slick deals on some other brands, be sure to stop by my new gun safe review page, and let me know what you think.