Winchester gun safes are a personal favorite of mine.  This I’m sure comes to no surprise to those who’ve read into the site at all.  I praise Winchester, not necessarily because they make the finest safe on the market, but because they make one of the finest safes on the market for the best price.  In other words, their products exude value.

There’s a huge demographic out there of folks, likely like you and I, who have the noble intention of keeping their firearms out of unauthorized hands, while protecting them, and other valuables from break ins and house fires.  Generally, a security container large enough to store a couple dozen guns, and resilient enough to withstand a burglary attack or a fire for any respectable length of time is not gonna be cheap.  Premium safes can easily creep up in the $5-10K price range.  Winchesters, however, are a refreshing exception.  They’re for the working man who wants a unit he can count on, but doesn’t want to pay out the butt for it.

Now, I’m not saying that a Ranger is going to withstand the heat of a thermic lance for terribly long, but it shouldn’t have any trouble holding its own against an assailant armed with pry bar and a power drill.  UL, in fact, has proven that to be the case.  The majority of Winchester safes (technically residential security containers) are UL RSC listed, which means they’ve been put through the ringer from UL’s renown safe crackers.

They’re safes can also take a bit of heat.  Though not exactly a comforting thought, your valuables are more likely to succumb to a fire than a professional burglary; overlooking fire protection can be  a painful mistake.  Every Winchester container, with the exception of their handgun safes (the EV series) has been fire tested.  From the 30 minutes of resistance offered by the Ranger, all the way up to the 2 hours the Supreme series can withstand, your stuff is in good hands within the quenching grip of a Winchester.

Manufactured by the pros at Granite Security, Winchester gun safes are backed by a lifetime guarantee against burglaries and fires.  This means that if your safe even receives the slightest scratch during a said assault, the fine folks at Winchester will repair or totally replace your safe depending on the severity of the damage – no cost to you…not too bad, eh?

Again, they’re not the biggest and baddest boys on the block, but if you’re looking for a product that boasts dependability on a budget, look no further than a Winchester.  I’ve written extensively on these products in the past – here’s a previous post covering the company more in-depth, as well as some of their older products.