Make: Winchester Safes

Model: eVault 600

Amount of gun storage advertised: 1

Amount of guns stored: 1

Closed under the bathroom sink…trash and all.

General Contents: Inside I’m keeping a Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum 6″ barrel, loaded with Hornady Critical Defense .357 Magnum rounds. I also have a Blackhawk Tactical flashlight and an HKS speed loader.

Where is it kept?: In the second floor bathroom, located under the sink, and directly at the top of the stairs. You can stand in the doorway of the bathroom and aim right down the steps at the front door.

Detailed information on the contents: I keep this safe where it is solely for home security, just in case someone breeches my first floor line of defense (sleeping dogs) while I’m upstairs. This gun is no-nonsense (no safety) and packs a punch. I can easily access the safe in its current location and from there, it’s point and shoot. My wife likes that idea…the simpler the better.

And let’s all hope no one ever needs to use the speed loader. Oh, the carnage.

The flashlight is there for power outages, blinding intruders, and as a last resort weapon.

Ruger GP100 loaded with Hornady .357 magnum

Ruger GP100 loaded with Hornady .357 magnum. Showin’ its goods!

HKS Speedloader

HKS Speedloader

Blackhawk tactical flashlight

Blackhawk tactical flashlight

One more look at the GP100. Pretty gun.

Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum

Things that I like about it (pros): The dimensions are my favorite part. It’s small enough to tuck away inside a one-sink vanity cabinet and not interfere with the plumbing, but the inside has more than enough room for the things I’ve listed above. I could definitely fit a few more things (bath toys?) in there, but since this safe is just there for home-defense, right now, it’s only housing the necessities.

I’ve been using the lock and key (check the cons for more information below) which has proven to be quick and reliable.

The safe is about 10 years old and the door still operates easily and the thing is still as solid as it ever was. So…I guess if you are out of things to shoot and throw, you can always launch the safe at the ne’er-do-well making his way up your steps.

Things that I don’t like about it (cons): The only real con I have here is with the entry. Back in the good old days, it had a functioning programmable electronic lock with an LCD display. Unfortunately, that locking mechanism broke about 5 years after I bought it. It did come with a lock and 2 keys, so I’ve been using that with no trouble. I don’t love that keeping the keys hidden adds an extra step in getting to my gun, plus compromises the security of the thing. But for the moment, it is serving well. Let’s give it a medal.

The electronics are shot, but that’s not stopping him!

Final Thoughts: Other than the crap-tastic broken electronic entry, I’m still pretty satisfied with this safe. At 10 years old, it is still functional. And since the electronics are broken, it actually frees the safe up for any location and not one tethered to an outlet. It keeps the kids and anti-gun family/friends from hurting themselves and makes my wife and me feel like we aren’t completely helpless when we are upstairs putting the kids to bed. I do love taking my CCW gun on walks, but admittedly don’t always keep one on me at home. And my wife doesn’t have her concealed carry (but I think she’s coming around-fingers crossed), so she is happy with the solution this gun safe provides.

Manufacturer Specs:

Manufacturer Part Number eV600
Model eV600
Brand Winchester
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 12.00 x 9.00 x 6.00 Inches
No-look Entry
Programmable electronic lock with LCD
16 gauge steel construction
Spring loaded door for quick access
Interior courtesy light
Padded interior
External power supply included