Remember in my post on gun cabinets when I said that I hated thieves because they force me to shove my guns into steel boxes instead of handsomely crafted wooden gun cabinets?  Of course you don’t remember that because you probably never read it.  Regardless, I no longer hate thieves quite as much…I’ve found a solid solution to my awful predicament, and it’s the Heirloom Custom Fire Safe.  Heirloom is a company created by two clever entrepreneurs, Lane Joanis and Brandon Muscott, who had a vision and ran with it, and I’m glad that they did because they’ve come out with one heck of a product.  Technically, they have several different products in their catalog, from water/fire resistant beautiful wooden chests, to some ultra badass hidden door book shelves.  However, the one I’m highlighting today is the aforementioned Heirloom gun safe.

Essentially, what they’ve done is taken the beauty of a gun cabinet, and combined it with the security of a gun safe.  They’re able to produce this radical hybrid by starting with an ordinary gun safe, and slapping on custom crafted wood panels on it, all held together by high caliber neodymium magnets.  I know, it sounds ridiculous and tacky, but I can assure you that these little mothers are sexy as heck.  The master woodworkers behind the product have made it simple for you to magically transform that steel box in your living room into a charming piece of furniture.  Except, unlike your grandmother’s armoire, an Heirloom is fit for the Punisher’s armory.  These safes are quite literally functional furniture.

One of the most appealing features that Heirloom offers is that it allows you to beautify your existing gun safe without the need to buy a new one.  You can take that gray Liberty Fat Boy, and transform it into a regal wooden fortress.  On their website, they show a video that displays just how easy it is to make the transformation.  You don’t need any glue, nails, bolts, screws, saws…none of that, it’s all done with the magical power of mad scientist magnetism.

If you don’t have an existing gun safe, and you’d like to get everything in one neat package, Heirloom offers a safe and the armoire panels in a nice all-in-one package.  They’re currently selling the Homage 45 model over at right now for $2800.  Yeh, it’s not cheap, but it’s a pretty decent safe.  The full package is just under 700 lbs and you can anchor it, as on the inside, it’s a solid steel Champion gun safe. It uses an S&G UL Group II combination dial mechanical lock, equipped with Champion’s relocker system, all opened by a three spoke western-style handle.  The safe is fire rated at Champion’s Phoenix Class I, which means it has been tested to protect the safe contents for 45 minutes at 1325 degrees.  The safe is locked by four active bolts and surrounded by 12 gauge steel…the security isn’t exactly top-notch, then again, this sucker doesn’t even look like a safe – a crook might just ignore it (or might not).

The warranty included on the Heirloom Homage 45 covers lifetime theft and fire damage to the safe for the original owner,which carries any costs associated with repairs, replacement, and shipping.  And the wood paneling is covered for two years by the manufacturer.  It’s really not a bad deal.  Personally, however, if I had a couple extra bucks (I don’t), I’d run out and purchase a Browning Platinum or a Liberty Presidential, and slap some Heirloom custom cut mahogany on it.  That sucker would scream.  Bottom line – if you’re looking for the charm of gun cabinets, and the protection of a gun safe, there’s no better match than Heirloom’s.

If you’re interested, here’s the link for the Homage 45 over at