I want to take just a quick minute of your time to plug Winchester gun safes as I’ve done multiple times on this site.  While Winchester security containers (manufactured by Granite Security) aren’t the best bar-none in protection, they certainly provide some of the best indisputable value in the industry.  Every one of their full sized safes, from the 54 gun Supreme to the 24 gun Ranger are UL RSC listed, and equipped with a lifetime warranty.  You’ll be hard pressed to find a better product anywhere near price range.

On a smaller scale, I personally own a Winchester eVault which I use to store a pistol next to my bed, and it’s been reliably going strong for over two years now.  Again, solid brand, solid price…getcha one!

For more info on the company and their safes in general, check out this article I wrote a while back on Winchester Safes.  Later!