I don’t feel there’s really any need to introduce Amazon.com.  If you don’t know what Amazon is, Google it.  If you don’t know what Google is…you don’t belong here…get the hell off the Internet ;-).

Seriously though, darn near anyone who’s made a purchase online, yourself likely included, has thrown a little change in Amazon’s swollen pockets.  There’s no shame in that though; they have extremely low prices, quick checkouts, decent customer service (considering their massive size) and with hundreds of millions of products in their inventory, there’s always something to drop a dime on.

In regards to their selection, Amazon’s gun safe inventory isn’t too bad – not as robust as Gunsafes.com – but they still have a lot to offer at Amazon’s everyday low prices (yeh – I know that’s WalMart’s thing, but it works here too). Anyway, despite their advanced navigation system, sometimes it’s difficult to really find what you’re looking for on Amazon, particularly in the case of something as potentially arbitrary as a gun safe description.  With this in mind, I’ve gone out and picked what I think are the best cheap gun safes the behemoth site has to offer.  Take a gander, and as always, let me know if ya have any questions or comments.

Prices may be subject to change

Handgun Safes Under $100

Handgun safes come in a whole gang of flavors; big, small, thick, thin, biometric, electronic, keyed…whatever the case may be, if you’re even half serious about adequate home defense, and you own a pistol, you darn well better have a pistol box to store it in.  They effectively keep out unauthorized access, most importantly from your kids, while still giving you the ability to get to your sidearm in a hurry.  For less than $100, you really can’t go wrong.

Secure-It® Handgun Storage Safe with Key Safe


Gunvault GV1000C-DLX Mini Vault Deluxe Gun Safe


Winchester E-Vault Personal Electronic Safe (6- x 9- x 12- Inch)


ADG Sports Secure Vault Electronic Top Load Pistol Safe


HOMAK HS10036685 Electronic Access Pistol Boby, 10 X 14.25 X 7.5 Inch


Best Biometric Gun Safes Under $200

Yeh, biometric gun safes are getting cheaper everyday, but make no mistake about it; you can still pay out the butt for one.  The following three fingerprint safes will give you the quick access necessary to effectively store your handgun, while not killing your budget.  One special note: to all you Python wielding maniacs out there, make sure the safe you purchase will fit your big bore pistol ahead of time.

Gunvault MVB500 Microvault Biometric Pistol Gun Safe


BARSKA Biometric Safe


BIO Biometric Fingerprint SAFE BOX Jewelry Gun Car


Gun Cabinets Under $300

While I’m a huge proponent of investing in a full-fledged gun safe, when it all boils down, safety is my highest concern.  Gun cabinets fill the gap nicely for those folks who have a modest collection of long rifles that they want to keep locked out of the open, but don’t want to spend a small fortune in the process.  As implied, a metal gun cabinet isn’t going to keep out a fire or a determined burglar for terribly long, but you can rest assured your rifles, shotguns, and shooting supplies will be well-organized and out of your kids hands behind closed doors.

HOMAK HS30003630 12-Gun Security Cabinet, Silver Vein


American Furniture Classics 10 Gun Metal Gun Cabinet


Stack – On 10 Gun Double Door Security Cabinet Hunter Green


Stack-On GC-18C 18 Gun Convertible Steel Security Cabinet, Black


HOMAK HS20036614 14-Gun Security Cabinet with Quick Access Area, Silver Vein


SentrySafe G0135 Black Safe 5 Long Gun Maximum Capacity Safe, 3.5 Cubic Feet, Black


Gun Safes Around $500

When you upgrade to an actual “gun safe”, you’re graduating from simply keeping your children out of your firearms (which is obviously first priority); you’re now entering the realm of burglar, and in some cases, fire protection that you can sink your teeth in.  For a couple hundred dollars more, the following security containers will offer you a level of security well about that of an ordinary metal gun cabinet.  Though a pro with the right tools may eventually find his way in, you’re gonna give those neighborhood thugs a run for their money…or rather a run from your money.

GunVault GV5900 8 – 12 Gun Safe


Sentry Safe® 14 – Gun Combo and Key Lock


Amsec TF5517 Fireproof 11 Gun Safe PrimarySafes2


Quality Gun Safes Less Than $1000

A thousand dollars is about the point where you’re starting to get serious about protecting your firearms.  Sure, gun safes can get much more expensive, and offer significantly more protection, however, anyone of the following models is going to give you a solid peace of mind for years to come.  And in the case of the following units, you’ll even squeeze a lifetime warranty out of it.  Take that to the bank and sleep easy!

Winchester Tradition Series W5526 20 Gun Safe


Cannon Safe P14 Patriot Series 6-12 Gun Safe – Matte Black


Stack-On 24 Gun Elite Gun Safe


Stack-On GSXW-836-DS Waterproof Fire Resistant Elite Gun Safe